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These articles are all highly relevant Cabinet. I believe this information can help you understand Cabinet's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
[Knowledge] What do you need to pay attention to when shipping LCL? How to control the destination port fee?
The manifest is carried out by the customs in November last year. No matter what the shipping company, it must be issued. It is required by the general administration of customs. Now find freight forwarders or shipping agents to send the general fee of 50 RMB or 100 RMB per ticket.Export to foreign
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[Knowledge] How Do We Choose A Server Room Cabinet?
With the development of data center construction towards overall availability, there is a growing demand for cabinet management in server rooms. Users should consider the following factors when purchasing cabinets:1, load-bearing guarantee: with the increased density of products placed in the cabine
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[Knowledge] 1U, 2U, 3U, How Much Do You Know about the Size of the Cabinet?
Among the rackmount server sizes, the common ones are 1U server, 2U server, 4U server, the size of these servers are: 1U=4.445cm, 2U=4.445*2=8.89cm, 4U=4.445*4=17.78cm. In practice, 1U or 2U servers are most often used. Because the service provider is based on the space occupied by the server to cal
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[Knowledge] How to Install the Cabinet Tray?
(A) How to install the cabinet tray?The installation of the cabinet tray only requires the use of four pins to fix it on the square hole of the cabinet corner cabinet. Specific operation: first of all, the pins will be contracted inward (Figure 1), then the cabinet tray will be flipped over and inse
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[Knowledge] Introduction of cabinet cable management method
Introduction to wire management process 1 waterfall styling This is a relatively ancient wiring model, and traces of it can still be seen sometimes. It adopts the artistic image of "water curtain hole", directly hangs the twisted pairs from the module of the distribution frame
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[Knowledge] How to clean and maintain the cabinet?
hree days and once every two weeks. • Clean the exterior of the equipment room every day and check the dust adsorption status of the equipment once a week. • Clean necessary equipment once a month. • Maintain and check the equipment and equipment room every two years according to the actual usage. •
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[Knowledge] A little knowledge about the cabinet
About the cabinet, different equipment on the cabinet specifications, standards, power supply capacity and electrical compatibility have very strict requirements, this seemingly insignificant cabinet, in the data center power supply, ventilation and layout design, we need to go through strict design
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[Knowledge] What should be paid attention to in the outdoor cabinet equipment shell design
Cabinet is an indispensable part of electrical control equipment, is the electrical control equipment 'carrier' . As the carrier of the control system, the cabinet,plays a vital role in protecting the safety of the equipment. For outdoor cabinet equipment, its requirements are higher. Outdoor cabine
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[Knowledge] How to select the correct cabinet?
In general, as an enterprise as long as the server to buy back, install the system and applications, hosting servers to IDC can be done, as the enterprise for the use of server hosting, server rental services increasingly demanding enterprises began to recognize the importance of cabinets. Especiall
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[Knowledge] What "role" does the optical cable junction box play in the weak current wiring
As the most common wires for weak current wiring, cables and optical cables have been widely used. In order to better organize a large number of cables, the optical cable junction box is grandly mounted. Let's follow the editor of Kelan Communication to understand the role of the junction box. The f
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