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[Knowledge] How to make a good video with a client
"Developed a peer agent, with about a month to report some prices, the other party said it is still more satisfied." According to the process of their company, they need to hold a video conference, and there are about three participants. In addition to me, there are two other colleagues who are not
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[Knowledge] Making phone calls to customers is really important in foreign trade
In the development of new customers, phone calls are indispensable, you search a mailbox from the website, and then you send a development letter to the customer, sent out 100, can have three or five replies, are already good, even if it is returned to the final deal, it is even less. Although this
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[Knowledge] OTDR Blind Spot Causes and Solutions
OTDR blind spot causes and solutionsThe full name of OTDR in English is Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, which means optical time domain reflectometer in Chinese. The main principle of its work is the use of pulses of light transmitted in the fiber Rayleigh scattering and Fresnel reflection produc
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[Knowledge] Research on the faults and response methods of ordinary fiber optic cable for electric power communication
Power communication fiber optic cables are very prone to failures in data transmission, which are generally manifested as reduced transmission rate, poor transmission quality, transmission interruption and so on. In the face of such a situation, reasonable means should be taken to deal with the fail
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[Knowledge] Can copper and aluminum wires be connected together?
Now with people's knowledge of copper, aluminum, two materials, gradually reached a consensus. From the economy, practicality, cost-effective and other perspectives, the open line generally use aluminum wire, dark line are using copper wire. So how should copper and aluminum wires be handled at the
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[Knowledge] Basics of Copper Wire
Basics of Copper WireCopper wire performance differentiation overviewAccording to the resistivity (the size of the resistance value of the material with a length of 1m and a cross-sectional area of 1mm2), we generally divide the material into three categories:Conductors: Resistivity below 102Ω-mm2/m
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[Knowledge] What can we do if break an optical fiber?
What can we do if break an optical fiber?what should we do if fibers are accidentally broken when operating ? This is a common thing in the daily operation of the weak electricity project.If the fiber is broken, to connect the two fiber optic lines together, that requires a fiber optic hot fusion ma
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[Knowledge] Q&A about Fiber Optic Patch Cord
1Q: What do the various diameter parameters in fiber optic patch cords represent?A: These parameters are related to the fiber structure.From the cross-section, the internal structure of the fiber as shown in the figure above, the corresponding parameters are interpreted as follows:
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[Knowledge] Introduction to Commonly Used Cable Plastic Materials
PE (Polyethelene) PolyethylenePE can be specifically categorized into:HDPE (High Density PE)MDPE (Medium Density PE) is not widely used.LDPE (low density PE)How to identify the PE material, burning blue flame light, burning area melting transparent, there are sol drops and candle flavor, belongs to
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[Knowledge] Common plastic material determination method
Conventional plastic materials can be determined using the combustion method, according to whether the flammable, combustion flame, whether there are drops, whether or not the delayed combustion, odor and other phenomena to determine the following combustion phenomena for commonly used plastic mater
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