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What "role" does the optical cable junction box play in the weak current wiring

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As the most common wires for weak current wiring, cables and optical cables have been widely used. In order to better organize a large number of cables, the optical cable junction box is grandly mounted. Let's follow the editor of Kelan Communication to understand the role of the junction box. 


The function of the optical cable junction box: 1. It divides the main optical cable of the communication optical cable into several small logarithmic optical cables in different directions, realizes the jumper connection of the optical cable, and serves as the dividing point of the feeder optical cable and the distribution optical cable, and can also be used for testing and maintenance. 2. Purpose: The optical cable junction box is mainly used for the connection, distribution and dispatch of the trunk optical cable and the distribution optical cable in the communication system, power system, traffic control system and cable television system. 3. Structure: The general optical cable junction box is composed of: box body, integrated fusion splice tray, optical cable fixing plate, and fiber hanging column. The characteristics of the optical cable transfer box: 1. The transfer box has the functions of wiring, welding, fiber storage and fiber adjustment, and has the performance of stubbornly resisting the field environment, and can withstand severe climate change and harsh working environment, and the box body has good sealing performance , The protection level reaches IP65 level requirements. 2. The box body can be opened with front door or front and rear doors. There is enough space for fiber cloth and fiber storage, enough winding reels and hooks, which are convenient for users to operate. Modular design, reasonable layout, multiple functions and high density. 3. The anti-theft door lock is used, which is safe and reliable, and has a good anti-vandal function. The box body has a flexible structure of incoming and outgoing optical cables and a flexible internal connection structure. 4. FC, SC, ST type adapters can be used, and the adapter is inclined at a 40° angle to avoid direct arc light to the human eye. 5. According to the needs of customers, the fiber optic cable strength core can also be in the form of a fixed cover for the fiber optic cable, which is suitable for ordinary and ribbon fiber optic cables. 6. The optical cable transfer box has two layers of ground, the first layer is the protection ground, and the optical cable strength core is connected to the protection ground. The other layer is the rack ground. 

The two layers of ground are not connected to each other and lead to the ground of the equipment room through their respective grounding wires. 7. There is a special optical cable straight-through welding area in the box, and the optical cables at both ends are connected in the straight-through welding area. 8. The optical cable transfer box has a high bottom and a large space, which is convenient for a larger radius of curvature when the optical cable is introduced, and is convenient for installation, operation and construction. 9. The frame has a good grounding system, and the plastic parts in the machine are made of flame retardant materials.

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