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[Melontel news] Chinese Year of the Dragon is coming!
Once the LABA Festival passed, the Spring Festival came one after another. It's been an extraordinary year, which makes the upcoming reunion all the more precious and exciting.Chinese New Year is the most ritualistic moment in the hearts of the Chinese people, and it is also a massive national pilgr
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[Melontel news] Melontel Krone Disconnect Terminal block, surge and enclosure brochure
Melontel Krone Disconnect Terminal block, surge and enclosure brochure.pdf
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[Melontel news] Melontel Unforgettable Experience-Hundred Regiments Battle
In September of this year, along with the Ali Purchasing Festival, our Melontel team participated in the Alibaba Yuyao Cixi District Hundred Regiment Campaign. Then,let’s take a look what is the Hundred Regiment Battle?The Alibaba Hundred Regiments Battle was named after a classic war during the War
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[Melontel news] How to celebrate Thanksgiving day in Melontel
Today is Thanksgiving day. In this special day, our Melontel people use our own way to celebrate the special day. We make a very delicated cards for our customers and send our best wishes to them. Everyone send the wishes through different ways in theri own way , like WhatsApp,Skype , email and Wec
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