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Melontel Communication want to "make the communication sweeter" in the world, it means we need to provide the best products, best service to our customers. Thus, customers can enjoy the advantages of cooperation with Melontel from purchase, transportation, use, after-sales and other aspects

Melontel established in 1995, is one of the leading communication equipment manufacturers in China. Our firm is located in Cixi city, close to ports of Ningbo and Shanghai. 
At Present, more than 100 employees are working in our company and dozens of advanced techniques are in use. 
  • August,30, 2023
    How to make a good video with a client

    "Developed a peer agent, with about a month to report some prices, the other party said it is still more satisfied." According to the process of their company, they need to hold a video conference, and there are about three participants. In addition to me, there are two other colleagues who are not

  • August,29, 2023
    Making phone calls to customers is really important in foreign trade

    In the development of new customers, phone calls are indispensable, you search a mailbox from the website, and then you send a development letter to the customer, sent out 100, can have three or five replies, are already good, even if it is returned to the final deal, it is even less. Although this

  • July,31, 2023
    Research on the faults and response methods of ordinary fiber optic cable for electric power communication

    Power communication fiber optic cables are very prone to failures in data transmission, which are generally manifested as reduced transmission rate, poor transmission quality, transmission interruption and so on. In the face of such a situation, reasonable means should be taken to deal with the fail


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