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[Industry News] Insight into the second half of the fiber optic cable market
Since the fourth quarter of 2022, the fiber optic cable industry is facing a lack of orders, low start rate situation, mainly due to China Mobile, China Telecom did not start the ordinary fiber optic cable, outdoor fiber optic cable collection bidding project, to the fiber optic cable manufacturers
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[Industry News] In today's foreign trade situation, can overseas social media do?
In the whole society's life habits have been pan-internet era, the traditional foreign trade rely on offline exhibition and acquaintances to introduce the form is too backward in the times. Especially in the epidemic at the moment, in fact, foreign trade from the line to the line is a general trend.
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[Industry News] What is the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on foreign trade industry?
Clashes between Russia and Ukraine have intensified over the past week. Russia announced the launch of a special military operation in Ukraine's Donbas region early Wednesday morning. On The same day, Russia carried out precision strikes on Ukraine's military infrastructure, destroying the Ukraini
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[Industry News] The impact of the epidemic on foreign trade and countermeasures
The new coronavirus epidemic has caused a lot of challenges to our foreign trade industry. How to respond objectively, rationally and properly to the impact of the epidemic on foreign trade will test every one of us in foreign trade. The real crisis is not external, the external demand has always b
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[Industry News] Foreign trade social media marketing in the post-epidemic era
The impact of the epidemic on foreign trade is already obvious. The first is the problem of containers. It is difficult to find a single container. It can be said that the current foreign trade environment is very realistic. The second is the issue of order shipments, and the third is the issue of o
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[Industry News] Current Situation and Future of Traditional Communication Industry
1. Status Quo of the Traditional Communication IndustryNow there is a voice in the industry that the traditional communication industry has declined. The telecommunications industry as a whole is weak and somewhat desolate as the sun sets. As an industry insider, I have thought about the past and pr
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[Industry News] FiberConnect 2021 fiber optic broadband conference held in United States
Last month (July 25-28) at the FiberConnect 2021 fiber optic broadband conference held in Nashville, Tennessee, the participants agreed that broadband services need to be more popular, but how to promote the further development of fiber optic broadband is still a lot of debate. picture On 7/30/20
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[Industry News] As to 2021 , total 597 data center in the world, accelerate the telecommunication development
As an important carrier of the new generation of information and communication technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, data centers have become the foundation of the digital economy era. They have an unprecedentedly important strategic position and can be called "digit
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[Industry News] The shortage of materials and labors in fiber optic industry
The European and American markets are about to usher in the peak of optical broadband construction, but the shortage of optical fibers, chips, other materials and skilled labor may affect the expansion and deployment of new broadband networks.ICC News, just as the US market is about to usher in anot
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[Industry News] Intel, Ericsson, and Samsung make concerted efforts to accelerate network transformation in the 5G era
Everyone knows that entering the 5G era, because multiple connections and diversified services have placed unprecedented demands on network agility, flexibility, and scalability, network transformation to virtualization and cloudification is an inevitable trend. Almost no one doubts that the era of
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