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What do you need to pay attention to when shipping LCL? How to control the destination port fee?

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The manifest is carried out by the customs in November last year. No matter what the shipping company, it must be issued. It is required by the general administration of customs. Now find freight forwarders or shipping agents to send the general fee of 50 RMB or 100 RMB per ticket.

Export to foreign consignees if complaints about the port of destination charges expensive, mostly because you go to the LCL, LCL out of the freight forwarder bill of lading, port of destination charges are in advance and agent agreed. This fee can be known in advance, all said the consignee complaints the port of destination charges high, must be you did not advance the port of destination charges posted to the consignee, or forwarders from the high.

1. Pay attention to the port of destination charges, our company all routes LCL

We must confirm the charges in advance and show them on the bill of lading, because the consignee will go abroad to the agent to change the bill of lading. The cost of changing the bill of lading is as much as it shows on the bill of lading, so it is clear, i'm not afraid of losing my agent.


2. Note that the bulk of the shipping term LCL should be CFS-CFS
This clause means warehouse to warehouse, domestic delivery to forwarder warehouse, foreign consignee to customs warehouse. Some countries are slightly different, like Turkey. The whole cabinet is CY-CY meaning yard to yard.
Do not designate a specific shipping company for LCL cargo
The arbitrariness of the LCL shipping company, because there are many changes in the LCL, it is necessary to inform the booking of several positions, it does not accept the appointed shipping company, and the LCL is the forwarder's bill of lading, neither the shipper nor the consignee has to have direct relations with the shipping company, so it is useless even to ask the shipping company. Will not contact the shipping company directly.
The tonnage of LCL cargo should be accurate

The cargo inside the box should be added, not overweight, weight to be well controlled when booking space, there are changes to inform in advance. Especially Dangerous Goods LCL, once the number of pieces booked gross weight is not good change.

3. LCL should pay attention to LC -LRB-letter of credit) requirements, freight forwarder bill of lading is acceptable
Many people who do documents by L/C must pay attention to the requirements of the L/c. whether third-party bills of lading can be accepted or not. If you do not introduce them, then you can only walk through the whole container, not through the LCL, because the LCL only has the forwarder's bill of lading, there is no shipping company Bill of lading.
Pay attention to packing requirements to avoid breakage
LCL cabinet inside the goods more miscellaneous, must pay attention to packing, to avoid damage, such as you are carton cargo, must be required in advance to load the top, above can not pressure cargo. Put other people's heavy goods below, you put on top, so can effectively avoid damage, LCL damage claims is also a problem, many companies are not pay, this to pay attention to. Especially if the cabinets were customs inspection, it will not pay, all the packing requirements must be said in advance.

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