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What should be paid attention to in the outdoor cabinet equipment shell design

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Cabinet is an indispensable part of electrical control equipment, is the electrical control equipment 'carrier' . As the carrier of the control system, the cabinet,plays a vital role in protecting the safety of the equipment. For outdoor cabinet equipment, its requirements are higher. Outdoor cabinet equipment needs to be installed in the outdoor, the design needs to take into account the equipment shell corrosion resistance, anti-ultraviolet and other factors, its IP protection level requirements are higher. So, in the outdoor cabinet equipment shell design what do you need to pay attention to? 1. As the carrier of electrical quipment, outdoor cabinet must be well-designed in structure, solid in material, fixed firmly at the bottom, to meet the requirements of strong typhoon, heavy rain, even strong earthquake. At the same time the cabinet should have anti-leakage, anti-short circuit, anti-cut and other requirements, to ensure the safety of outdoor cabinet equipment use. 2, outdoor cabinet design needs to consider the impact of environmental factors. The outdoor weather changes many stages, the location of the outdoor cabinet is also different, in the southern rainy area, if the outdoor cabinet can not prevent rain, rain into the cabinet caused equipment short circuit, causing great losses to equipment, therefore, the outdoor cabinet needs to have a higher ability to prevent rain, and in the western arid areas of the north, more dust, fine dust into the cabinet, clogging the equipment, will affect the normal operation of equipment. This requires outdoor cabinet equipment shell design should have a good rain and dust Security. 

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The electrical equipment inside outdoor cabinet is expensive, and the outdoor cabinet is mainly placed in the outdoor unguarded area, which requires outdoor cabinet with anti-theft requirements. outdoor cabinet should be installed in the outdoor, compared with indoor cabinet, long-term in a humid environment, easy to rust and corrosion. Therefore, the cabinet surface treatment is very important. Normal outdoor cabinet coating thickness must not be less than 80um. Outdoor cabinet equipment shell design needs to have a certain degree of corrosion resistance.outdoor cabinet design should have good heat dissipation. A large number of electrical appliances in outdoor cabinet will produce heat in the process of use, outdoor ultraviolet radiation will also increase the cabinet internal temperature, when the temperature exceeds a certain extent, it will affect the normal operation of equipment. Therefore, the cabinet needs internal heat and temperature control treatment.The design of outdoor cabinet should satisfy the combination function condition of each electric unit, such as safety requirement, maintenance performance, form unification, combination standard, function distribution, appearance beauty, etc. , also to meet the requirements of the cabinet itself, such as solid and reliable, beautiful, easy to adjust, symbol specifications, manufacturing applicability and special design for special occasions. The shell design of outdoor cabinet equipment should meet the functional requirements of electrical products, and meet the structuraltechnological requirements, that is, the overall cabinet and its components manufacturing feasibility and economic requirements, and to meet the requirements of the technology of electrical assembly and maintainability in operation. And take into account the use of human-machine equipment requirements, to ensure that the overall design of the cabinet in line with ergonomics, easy to use and maintenance.

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