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How to select the correct cabinet?

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In general, as an enterprise as long as the server to buy back, install the system and applications, hosting servers to IDC can be done, as the enterprise for the use of server hosting, server rental services increasingly demanding enterprises began to recognize the importance of cabinets. Especially for the financial sector of the enterprise, Cabinet selection and purchase is also an essential process. Below we will analyze how to correctly select the server cabinet, and the matters needing attention. 


Server cabinet size definition what we commonly refer to as the server“U” is a Unit of external size of the server, is the abbreviation Unit, as the industry body decided by the American Electronics Industry Association (EIA-RRB- . The reason for the size of the server is to make the server to maintain the appropriate size for the iron or aluminum rack. The specified size is the server's width (48.26 cm = 19 inches) and height (a multiple of 4.445 cm) . Because of its 19-inch width, the rack that meets this requirement is also called a “19-inch rack,” and that size is the width of a rack-mounted server. 

Select the space considerations plan for the server cabinet and list all the equipment in the cabinet and their complete measurements: height, length, width, weight. The combination of the size of these devices and the amount of space they take up will ultimately determine how high a cabinet you will choose. Obviously, a tall cabinet can hold more equipment and save more space. Using the height of the cabinet as much as possible is not the only consideration, the back of the Cabinet also has a lot of space to be used. This is the reason for measuring the depth of the cabinet. Choose a deeper cabinet, you can put two sets of equipment back-to-back into the installation of more equipment. After calculating the amount of cabinet space (in U's or 1.75 inches) , consider the size of the cabinet. No one wants to fill up a cabinet and find out soon enough that more equipment has to be put in. Therefore, as a basic principle, the cabinet height should be 20% to 30% more in case of system expansion. These spaces also improve the ventilation of the equipment. Choose a server cabinet also need to be aware of the bracket problem the device with the bracket does not need to consider the width, because it is designed according to the width of the cabinet. Because the total weight of equipment is often not light, so to choose the cabinet bearing index must be considered, that is to say, to choose the stress structure of good, solid cabinet.

In addition, the total weight of the cabinet and equipment is also related to the strength of the floor in the machine room. In the cabinet, the weight of the equipment determines the choice of sliding frame is standard or weighted, will also determine the choice of some other accessories. Select a cabinet that is 100% compatible with all servers and that meets or exceeds OEM Class III bracket standards. Slide racks and mounting accessories are required if you want to install tower or desktop equipment. Since the installation includes network cables, telecommunication cables and power cables, it is necessary to buy hook-and-loop or toothed tape to effectively secure the cables in the cabinet. If the Cabinet has a cable management module so that the cable can be directly fixed in the vertical installation rail, it is better. In either case, the upper and side walls inside the cabinet should have enough retaining rings (to protect the cable) , or the cabinet bottom can be lifted up to allow wiring below. Need to pay attention to the various links with the data center construction toward the overall availability of the direction of development, the room for cabinet management of the growing demand. Users should consider the following factors when purchasing cabinets: load-bearing guarantee-with the increase of product density placed in the cabinet, good load-bearing capacity is the basic requirement for a qualified cabinet product. Non-compliant cabinets can not effectively protect the equipment in the cabinet and may even affect the entire system. Temperature Control system-there is a good temperature control system in the cabinet, which can avoid overheating or overheating of the products in the cabinet and ensure the efficient operation of the equipment. 

Cabinet can choose full ventilation series, can be equipped with fans (fan life guarantee) , in the hot environment can be installed independent air conditioning system, in the cold environment can be installed independent heating insulation system. Anti-interference capability-a fully functional cabinet should provide all kinds of door locks and other functions, such as dustproof, waterproof or electronic shielding, etc. , make wiring more convenient, and easy to manage, save time and labor. Cable management-what to do if there is a cable problem? It is difficult to navigate through the numerous cabinets in the huge computer rooms, let alone quickly find and repair faulty wiring.

 From the point of view of the cables attached inside the cabinet, the cabinet of today's data center has a higher density of configuration, contains more IT equipment, and uses a large number of redundant accessories (such as redundant power supply, storage array, etc.) , the equipment in the cabinet changes frequently, and the data cables and cables increase and decrease at any time. Therefore, the cabinet must provide adequate cable channels, from the top of the cabinet, the bottom in and out of cable. Inside the cabinet, the laying of the cables must be convenient and orderly, close to the cable interface of the equipment, in order to shorten the wiring distance, reduce the space occupation of the cables, and ensure that the cooling air flow will not be blocked by the cables, at the same time to ensure that in the case of failure of the device wiring for rapid location. Power distribution system-with the increasing trend of high-density IT installation in the cabinet, power distribution system becomes the key link to bring the cabinet into full play. Reasonable power distribution is directly related to the availability of the entire IT system, which has been neglected by many computer room managers in the past. Because of the miniaturization of IT equipment and the increasing density of equipment installation in the cabinet, IT poses a severe challenge to the power distribution system in the cabinet. At the same time, the increase of input and output ports also puts forward high requirements for the reliability of distribution system installation. Considering the demand of double power supply for most servers at present, it makes the power distribution in the cabinet more and more complicated.

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