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How Do We Choose A Server Room Cabinet?

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With the development of data center construction towards overall availability, there is a growing demand for cabinet management in server rooms. Users should consider the following factors when purchasing cabinets:

1, load-bearing guarantee: with the increased density of products placed in the cabinet, good load-bearing capacity is the basic requirement for a qualified cabinet products. Cabinets that do not meet the specifications can not effectively protect the equipment inside the cabinet, and may even affect the entire system.

2, temperature control system: the cabinet has a good internal temperature control system, can avoid overheating or overcooling of the products in the cabinet, to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment. Cabinet can choose the full ventilation series, can be equipped with a fan (fan life guarantee), in the hot environment can be installed in an independent air conditioning system, in the cold environment can be installed in an independent heating insulation system.

3, anti-jamming ability: a full-featured cabinet should provide various types of locks and other features, such as dustproof, waterproof or electronic shielding and other highly anti-jamming performance, should also provide suitable accessories and mounting accessories to support, so that the wiring is more convenient, while easy to manage, save time and effort.

4, cable management: cable problems how to do? In the huge scale of the server room, in the forest of cabinets in the line is still difficult, not to mention the rapid search and maintenance of faulty lines. From the point of view of the cable attached to the cabinet, today's data center cabinet configuration density is higher, housing more IT equipment, a large number of redundant accessories (such as redundant power supplies, storage arrays, etc.), the cabinet equipment configuration changes frequently, the data lines and cables at any time increase or decrease. Therefore, the cabinet must provide sufficient cable channels, from the top and bottom of the cabinet in and out of the cable. Inside the cabinet, cable laying must be convenient, orderly, and equipment cable interface close to shorten the cabling distance, reduce the space occupied by the cable, to ensure that the cooling airflow will not be blocked by the cable, but also to ensure that in case of failure can be quickly located on the equipment cabling.

5, power distribution system: With the increasingly significant trend of high-density installation of IT in the cabinet, the power distribution system has become a key part of the cabinet can play its due performance. Reasonable power distribution is directly related to the availability of the entire IT system, and this is also the past by many managers of the server room to ignore the problem. Due to the increasing miniaturization of IT equipment, the density of equipment installed in the cabinet is increasing, which poses a serious challenge to the power distribution system in the cabinet. At the same time, the increase in the number of input and output ports also puts forward high requirements for the reliability of the power distribution system installation. Considering the current demand for dual power supply for most servers, it makes the power distribution in the cabinet more and more complicated.

The design of a reasonable cabinet power distribution system should follow the reliability design as the core, specifically designed for the cabinet system, and the power distribution system fully coordinated, seamless with the principle, while taking into account the ease of installation, as well as intelligent management, adaptable, easy to operate and maintain and other features. The power distribution system of the cabinet should make the power source closer to the load in order to reduce the points of failure in the power path. At the same time, local and remote monitoring of load current and remote control of power distribution should be realized gradually, so that the power distribution management can be incorporated into the overall intelligent management system of the machine room.

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