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A customer from Colombia want to buy some fast connectors and send inquiry from Alibaba. But when we talking about the products details, he keep silence and doesn’t reply any more. Then we send more product details and pictures to him. Finally he told us that he cannot trust Chinese products as the products he bought before have bad quality.

And it is bad experience to him, which makes he have no confidence in doing business with Chinese. To earn his trust, I show him previous orders of our customers who come from his country and buy many times. At the same time I also show the good words from our customer to him. Gradually, he open his heart to us and tell us his real demand. He need more products and we talked more details for a long time. But he doesn’t place order yet. I asked him if he is still concerned with our quality. He admit it is. Then to eliminate his concern, I promised that before the delivery, we would send the photos and videos for him to check, if he doesn’t satisfy, he could reject our products and apply the refunds. We could make a Alibaba payment for him and he could place order through Alibaba. Their after-sales service are much better. In a week, the customer finally place order with us and satisfied with whole purchase service. 
In November 2019, a customer came from Panama. I sent him a free sample. At the beginning. He just bought $150 fiber optic clips. Then I didn't even care about the customer. Because in today's era of popular small order transactions, many end customers can buy products by themselves. However, that's how our story began.There are some embarrassing stories in the second purchase.

I explained the diameter of the fiber optic clips’ nail to him before, but he didn't understand. And the diameter of the nail is also stated in our contract. Later, it took me nearly 10 emails to solve this problem with my clients. I found that the customer didn't have any idea about the product technology before. I checked the company of the customer and found that it is a big company with great development potential in the local area. In order to let the customer bear a little less cost, we both paid half of the money to solve the problem. In May 2020, when the new corona-virus is getting better, he has brought me good news. His customers need 1 million of this product and pay for it immediately.
In 2015, a new customer from Nepal find us to support their tender. We find his request is within the purview of our industry, not normal products. It should be customized. But they need few QTY as sample at first. And they also hope the sample can be free.

In our company rule, the new customer must pay for the customized sample. Then we discuss a lot about this. The customer show a lot of of sincerity for cooperation. And we check all the document and company information, then we agree to customized the free sample for the customer. After about 1 month, we got the PO from this customer. The customer said thanks for help them win the tender. Because both price and quality is the best in all the bidder. Now we keep cooperation more than 5 years. We are one of the best partner of them. 

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