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How to Install the Cabinet Tray?

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(A) How to install the cabinet tray?

The installation of the cabinet tray only requires the use of four pins to fix it on the square hole of the cabinet corner cabinet. Specific operation: first of all, the pins will be contracted inward , then the cabinet tray will be flipped over and inserted into the cabinet, the pins are aligned with the square holes and ensure that the four pins are at the same square hole height , and finally the pins will be inserted outward into the square holes of the corner cabinet, and the pins will be pulled over to ensure that the pins will not be forced out .

(B) What are the types of cabinet trays?

Nowadays, there are two types of cabinet trays in the market: one is sliding cabinet tray (i.e. movable/adjustable cabinet tray), and the other is fixed cabinet tray.

1. Sliding cabinet tray (i.e. movable/adjustable cabinet tray)

Sliding cabinet tray (i.e. movable / adjustable cabinet tray) has a certain degree of flexibility, easy to launch and pull back, generally can be installed with the keyboard and other equipment, its size is only 19 inches standard sliding tray. Conventional configuration of the sliding tray width of 400mm, 480mm two specifications. Sliding tray load capacity of more than 20kg.

2. Fixed cabinet tray

Fixed cabinet tray is widely used, generally installed in server cabinets and other equipment, its size is wide, such as 19 inches standard size, the conventional configuration of the fixed tray width of 440mm, 480mm, 580mm, 620mm and other specifications. In addition, the load capacity of fixed trays is more than 10kg

(C) how to choose the cabinet tray?

The above mentioned two different types of cabinet pallets, the face of these two types of cabinet pallets how to buy?

First of all, in the purchase of the cabinet tray, need to understand the cabinet tray is used to carry what things. If it is used to carry servers, switches, you can buy fixed cabinet tray, if it is used to carry KVM switches, it is necessary to use the sliding cabinet tray.

In addition, the need to consider the cost of the cabinet tray, if the cabinet tray does not push the requirements, a comprehensive consideration of the weight of the carrier and cost of the cabinet tray, choose a fixed cabinet tray is more appropriate.

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