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How to clean and maintain the cabinet?

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Most of the energy of operation and maintenance engineers is occupied by servers and network devices. After the cabinet is installed, it is normal to ignore everything. Therefore, maintenance and cleaning of the cabinet are often neglected.

In fact, regular cleaning and maintenance of the cabinet can not only ensure the cleanliness of the equipment room, but also prolong the service life of the cabinet, discover hidden dangers in time, and prevent faults caused by dust and debris.

Today, I will give you a brief explanation of the cleaning and dust removal skills of the cabinet in the data center machine room.

First, preparation before dust removal

1. Set a reasonable dust removal period

Set a proper dust removal period based on the equipment room and clean the equipment inside, outside, and inside the equipment room. Take a medium equipment room as an example:

• Clean the equipment room once every three days and once every two weeks.

• Clean the exterior of the equipment room every day and check the dust adsorption status of the equipment once a week.

• Clean necessary equipment once a month.

• Maintain and check the equipment and equipment room every two years according to the actual usage.

• Conduct extensive maintenance and inspection of the equipment room and equipment every five years.

2. Take ESD precautions before removing dust

When disassembling and cleaning equipment, it is necessary to avoid damage to equipment caused by electrical personnel. Wear ESD clothes and ESD rings before cleaning.

To avoid damage caused by static electricity, remove a device when it is powered on and the server is properly grounded, even for a device that supports hot swap. For display and other equipment should first do discharge treatment.

3. Select an appropriate cleaning tool

You do not need complicated tools to clean cabinet devices. Generally, you only need to prepare Phillips screwdrivers, flat-head screwdrivers, paint brushes, or oil brushes for dust removal.

Hair dryer, anhydrous alcohol, cooling silicone oil, absorbent cotton ball, watch driver, tweezers, leather tiger are also necessary tools. For simple maintenance, needle-nose pliers, test pens, multimeters and other equipment are also needed.

Remember not to use ordinary brush easy to remove hair, otherwise it is easy to damage the machine.

2. Cabinet dust removal techniques

1. Clean the mainboard

As the basic hardware of the entire device, the motherboard is the most prone place to accumulate dust.

When cleaning, first remove all connectors and number the removed devices to prevent confusion. Then, remove the screws that hold the motherboard in place, remove the motherboard, and brush the dust from each part with a wool brush.

Operation, the force must be moderate, in order to prevent the motherboard surface of the patch components or resulting in loose components that virtual welding. , excessive dust can be cleaned with anhydrous alcohol.

2. Handle the connectors

The surface of the connector can be cleaned in the same way as cleaning the motherboard. If oxidation occurs in the connector part, you can carefully wipe the gold finger with a rubber. After inserting it back into the motherboard, the slot is filled with hot melt adhesive on both sides to prevent dust from entering and oxidation in the process of use.

3. Clean the fan

A large amount of dust usually accumulates inside and outside the fan blades. We can hold the blades with our hands and brush off the dust one by one, and then wipe the inside of the fan and frame with a wet cloth. After cleaning, you can add some lubricating oil to the rotating shaft to improve its performance and reduce noise.

4. Clean the surface of the box

Wipe the dust on the shelf surface with a damp cloth that you have wrung out. Pay attention to the wet cloth should be as dry as possible to avoid residual water stains, after the completion of the dryer dry.

5. Clean peripheral plug/socket

Generally use a brush to remove the floating soil, and then use a hair dryer to clean. If there is oil, can be absorbent cotton ball dipped in anhydrous alcohol removal.

6. Clean the power supply

Power is a very ash prone equipment, and is seriously affected by temperature.

When disassembling the power supply, it is necessary to pay attention to the internal high pressure. If you do not have certain professional knowledge, do not disassemble it without permission. You can use a hair dryer to blow dust against the air intake of the power supply.

After dust removal and maintenance, reinstall the hardware into the chassis cabinet, connect the cables and power supply, and test run the system without cover to check whether the fans operate normally and whether there is improper connection or abnormal sound.

Details affect the whole. Any equipment needs regular cleaning and maintenance to prolong its service life. Therefore, do not underestimate the dust removal work of the cabinet.

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