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1U, 2U, 3U, How Much Do You Know about the Size of the Cabinet?

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Among the rackmount server sizes, the common ones are 1U server, 2U server, 4U server, the size of these servers are: 1U=4.445cm, 2U=4.445*2=8.89cm, 4U=4.445*4=17.78cm. In practice, 1U or 2U servers are most often used. Because the service provider is based on the space occupied by the server to calculate the cost, so the use of 1U server is the most space-saving and the lowest price, but the scalability of 1U server is not as good as the 2U server. 1U can be inserted into the number of hard disk up to four 3.5-inch, 2U can be inserted into the number of eight 3.5-inch or even more, in addition to the number of slots for the PCI is also different, the maximum of 2 1U, 2U can be up to six.

42U Cabinet

The general categorization of 42U cabinets is:

1) by width: 600mm and 800mm wide 42U cabinets, depth: 600mm, 800mm, 900mm, 960mm, 1000mm, 1100mm, 1200mm, etc.;.

2) According to the actual demand: In addition to the actual use of the size of 42U, the width and depth can be customized according to the actual demand.

A cabinet to put the server is limited, 42U height of the cabinet does not mean that the actual can put 42 1U server. After putting the servers, there is still space for cooling and moving, some space for wiring, and space for other equipment such as switches, firewalls, monitors, and so on. So how many servers can be put in a 42U cabinet needs to be calculated according to the specific equipment. So the question is, how many server devices are generally deployed in a cabinet?

The number of servers deployed in a cabinet should take into account many parameters, such as the volume of the server, power consumption, heat and other physical parameters, but also need to consider the cabinet's power supply, cooling, load-bearing parameters, how to determine how many servers can be deployed, make a decision on how many servers can be deployed.

How to determine how many servers can be deployed, you can refer to the key parameters when making the decision:

1) Reservation: Reserve 1U between each device for heat dissipation, reserve the switch position, consider the PDU position.

2) Generally provide redundant 10KW power supply, static load capacity of not less than 1200kg (according to the construction parameters of the server room to determine)

3) Without exceeding the premise of power, a cabinet cumulative number of equipment U, generally not more than 26U

A cabinet, the number of full 1U equipment deployment generally does not exceed 16 units, the full 2U equipment generally does not exceed 12 units, the full 4U equipment generally 4 to 7 units.

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