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Technical specification for overhead construction of optical cable

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When an optical fiber is stretched beyond its tensile limit, it breaks. The fiber optic cable structure increases the strengthening member, the fiber optic cable required tensile strength, mainly by the strengthening member to bear. In the process of construction, the traction should not exceed the allowable rating of the cable, so that the fiber does not produce tensile strain as far as possible. Cable allowed traction, according to the cable manufacturing process has different ratings, in the construction must pay attention to this. General cable tension is 100 ~ 300kg.


Aerial cable

(1) Check whether the direction of the pole, the buried position of the pole cable (pole), the height and distance of the pole, the program of the cable, the position of the cable connector, the position of the remaining cable, the total length of the pole and the engineering design are consistent.

② The cable at the pole must have a certain degree of bending (and sleeve hose protection - depending on the design), Angle pole position cable must cover plastic hose protection.

(3) The upper and lower parts of the overhead lead should be tied firmly, and the steel pipe (above 2.5 meters) should be used for protection.

(4) Where the overhead cable is crossed or parallel with the power line (not reaching the required spacing of the code), the three-wire cross protective sleeve must be used for insulation protection.

⑤ Aerial cable across the intersection through the vehicle, must ensure that the crossing height of more than 7 meters, and hanging on the suspension line to pay attention to safety signs or signs; Shortcut pole, pull wire affect line and traffic safety, to do reflective sign processing, conditional to build pole pier protection.

⑥ Together with the construction of the cable rod road requirements pole shall not have serious skew, walk the mark, rod body shall not be broken, exposed tendons.

⑦ Draw line to diagonal depth, excavated anchor is not more than 0.5 meters.

⑧ Hook uniform, do not go, cable sag in line with the standard, cable and cable without cross.

⑨ Cable connectors are firmly installed, and the rest are neatly bundled and beautiful, meeting the design requirements.

⑩ Every other pole or according to the design requirements on the pole on the cable to tie the sign, the content of the card requirements and pipeline cable, in and out of the 500 meters, in each overhead pole on the cable to tie the sign.

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