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Fiber optic cables

These are related to the Fiber optic cables news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Fiber optic cables and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Fiber optic cables market.
[Knowledge] When fiber is so fast, why not use fiber to connect the router to the computer?
Fiber optic network speed is indeed fast, long-distance transmission, can achieve the real one gigabit network speed. So, in our home LAN, between the computer and the router, why not use optical fiber to connect? Well, some people compare optical fiber to a highway, the home LAN to a small village,
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[Knowledge] How to deal with optical fiber transmission attenuation effectively
In the modern communication industry, communications, optical fiber transmission technology as a kind of common information data transmission mode, since it has advantages of high efficiency and high transmission speed, communication quality, greatly satisfy the demand of modern social development,
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[Knowledge] Technical specification for overhead construction of optical cable
When an optical fiber is stretched beyond its tensile limit, it breaks. The fiber optic cable structure increases the strengthening member, the fiber optic cable required tensile strength, mainly by the strengthening member to bear. In the process of construction, the traction should not exceed the
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[Knowledge] The Importance and Usage of Fiber Optic Cleaner
The optical fiber cleaning pen is an instrument which is widely used to clean the optical fiber . It has a great function that can remove grease, dirt,and other debris from its end surface.
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[Knowledge] The use of fiber optic cable
1. how to choose cable?The choice of optical cable in addition to according to the number of fiber cores and fiber types, but also according to the use of optical cable environment to choose the structure of the optical cable and outer sheath.1) When outdoor optical cable is directly buried, loose a
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[Blog] Optical cable and cable
Optical cable and cable are very common in our daily life, they undertake our communication. but there are many differences between them
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[Blog] submarine optical cable
international submarine optical cable plays an increasing importance in the international communication.
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[Knowledge] Another use of optical fiber - earthquake monitoring
The optical fiber sensing technology has developed rapidly since the 1970 s with the development of the optical fiber communication technology, with the light wave as the carrier, optical fiber as medium, perception and transmission of measured signal is a new type of sensing technology, As the carr
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[Knowledge] Introduction to Optical fiber
Optical fiber, short for optical fiber, is a fiber made of glass or plastic that can be used as a tool for conducting light. Communication fiber is a medium for transmitting light, and its main component is silicon dioxide. Its structure can be divided into high refractive index core, low refractive
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[Blog] Automatically Monitor And Repair Breakdown of IT Device’s Internet
This article will talk about when the Internet on IT devices is wrong, it can automatically check and repair the problems.
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