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Knowing that you are interested in optical cable, we have listed articles on similar topics on the website for your convenience. As a professional manufacturer, we hope that this news can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please feel free to contact us.
[Knowledge] Installation Steps And Use Method of Dome Type Splicing Closure
Dome type optical cable splice closure is a device used for optical cable connection, it can protect the connection point of optical fibre and provide good protection and sealing performance. In this article, we will introduce the installation steps and usage of dome type optical cable splice box in
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[Knowledge] FTTH Accessories introduction
The difference between optical cable fittings and electric power fittings:Power fittings is a kind of metal fittings that connects and combines all kinds of fittings in power system.Optical cable hardware is the overhead cable used in the field of optical cable hardware, as well as direct contact op
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[Knowledge] Technical specification for overhead construction of optical cable
When an optical fiber is stretched beyond its tensile limit, it breaks. The fiber optic cable structure increases the strengthening member, the fiber optic cable required tensile strength, mainly by the strengthening member to bear. In the process of construction, the traction should not exceed the
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[Knowledge] The use of fiber optic cable
1. how to choose cable?The choice of optical cable in addition to according to the number of fiber cores and fiber types, but also according to the use of optical cable environment to choose the structure of the optical cable and outer sheath.1) When outdoor optical cable is directly buried, loose a
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[Knowledge] What is the difference between an optical cable splice box and an optical cable terminal box?
Industry-related, domestic optical cable splice box TOP3 industry research and development. Simply put, the optical cable splice box is the optical cable splice box, which is the optical signal transmission side, and the optical cable terminal box is the optical signal receiver. The two have differe
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[Knowledge] Prevention and Solution of Water Ingress in the Joint Box of Directly Buried Optical Cable
1. Correct handling of the lead-in part of the optical cable in the splice boxCommonly used optical cable joint boxes for direct buried laying, no matter what structure, as long as they have a network access license, are equipped with instructions for their application characteristics. The operator
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[Blog] Optical cable and cable
Optical cable and cable are very common in our daily life, they undertake our communication. but there are many differences between them
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[Blog] submarine optical cable
international submarine optical cable plays an increasing importance in the international communication.
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[Knowledge] How should the optical fiber cable be equipped with an optical fiber tray?
How should the optical cable be equipped with reel and what is the construction process? Let's take a look at the steps of optical cable distribution:   (1) List the total length of optical cable routing     List the ground length of each relay according to the route retest data. Including the total
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[Knowledge] Application of OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectance Technology in Optical Fiber Communication
The development of optical fiber communication has played an important role in China's economic construction. Optical fiber communication has incomparable advantages: the transmission frequency is wide and the loss is less. The construction of optical fiber communication started in the 1990s and has
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