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If you want to know more about the fiber optic cable, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the fiber optic cable industry. More news about fiber optic cable, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more fiber optic cable information!
[Knowledge] How is the undersea fiber optic cable laid and data transmission?
Optical fiber optical communication can not be separated from the contribution of Chinese engineer Gao Kun, he first theorized in 1966 that glass fibers could be used in communications as a medium for light transmission, "The main cause of signal loss is the impurity of the material, not the glass i
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[Knowledge] How to do the Fluke test
Most people get Fluke test reports in hard copy or PDF files, often ignoring the most valuable test data, the paper version of the test report or the PDF version of the test data can basically see only the test results, pass or fail, and a very small portion of the test data (less than 1% of all the
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[Knowledge] What Are The Common Lightning And Strong Current Protection Measures for Fiber Optic Cable Lines?
1 PrefaceFiber optic cable line lightning and strong electricity, is through the avoidance, channeling or leakage into the ground and other means, in order to prevent lightning/strong electricity on the fiber optic cable line itself or communication equipment and people made damage. Since the lightn
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[Knowledge] What Scenarios are ODN Unequal Scores Applicable to?
1 unequal score optical adaptation scenario analysisTraditional unequal score optical ODN introduction of fiber optic lines usually use a tree network structure, each splitter box is equivalent to the "leaves", generally assigned 2 cores (a master and a standby), the structure can be adapted to a va
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[Knowledge] What Is The Difference between Indoor/outdoor Fiber Optic Cable?
What is the difference between indoor fiber optic cable, outdoor fiber optic cable, and indoor/outdoor fiber optic cable? Can outdoor fiber optic cables be used indoors?According to the usage scenario, there are Several categories of fiber optic cables, what is the difference between these categorie
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[Knowledge] Fiber Optic Cable Single Disk Testing And Fiber Optic Cable Line Testing Need To Use Double Window?
Fiber optic cable lines and broadband access projects usually involve fiber optic cable single disk testing and fiber optic cable line testing, fiber optic cable line testing includes: relay section testing, user cable testing and so on. These test entries, some only need to use the test instrument
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[Knowledge] What Are The Main Laying Methods of Fiber Optic Cable?
Due to different construction conditions and construction requirements, communication cables in different scenarios will take different laying methods, common laying methods include: direct burial, aerial, pipeline, underwater and bureau and so on.1 direct burial layingDirect burial,
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[Knowledge] OTDR Blind Spot Causes and Solutions
OTDR blind spot causes and solutionsThe full name of OTDR in English is Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, which means optical time domain reflectometer in Chinese. The main principle of its work is the use of pulses of light transmitted in the fiber Rayleigh scattering and Fresnel reflection produc
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[Industry News] Insight into the second half of the fiber optic cable market
Since the fourth quarter of 2022, the fiber optic cable industry is facing a lack of orders, low start rate situation, mainly due to China Mobile, China Telecom did not start the ordinary fiber optic cable, outdoor fiber optic cable collection bidding project, to the fiber optic cable manufacturers
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[Knowledge] Research on the faults and response methods of ordinary fiber optic cable for electric power communication
Power communication fiber optic cables are very prone to failures in data transmission, which are generally manifested as reduced transmission rate, poor transmission quality, transmission interruption and so on. In the face of such a situation, reasonable means should be taken to deal with the fail
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