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These articles are all highly relevant foreign trade. I believe this information can help you understand foreign trade's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
[Knowledge] What is the difference between the interior of the shipping box and the trailer?
In shipping, the difference between inside loading and trailer, that is, the difference between inside loading and production loading.Inside loading is the shipper to the warehouse, the warehouse is responsible for receiving goods, arrangements for empty boxes, containers, into the port.You said tha
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[Knowledge] What do you need to pay attention to when shipping LCL? How to control the destination port fee?
The manifest is carried out by the customs in November last year. No matter what the shipping company, it must be issued. It is required by the general administration of customs. Now find freight forwarders or shipping agents to send the general fee of 50 RMB or 100 RMB per ticket.Export to foreign
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[Knowledge] How to do the Fluke test
Most people get Fluke test reports in hard copy or PDF files, often ignoring the most valuable test data, the paper version of the test report or the PDF version of the test data can basically see only the test results, pass or fail, and a very small portion of the test data (less than 1% of all the
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[Knowledge] LC letter of credit process analysis
In the import and export trade by means of letter of credit settlement accounts for the majority of international trade settlement. So what exactly is a letter of credit? To do what? How to use it? Letter OF CREDIT (L/C) is a guarantee in favor OF the seller made by the issuing bank at the instructi
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[Melontel news] Chinese Year of the Dragon is coming!
Once the LABA Festival passed, the Spring Festival came one after another. It's been an extraordinary year, which makes the upcoming reunion all the more precious and exciting.Chinese New Year is the most ritualistic moment in the hearts of the Chinese people, and it is also a massive national pilgr
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[Knowledge] Table manners during customer visits
As trading friends know, if a foreign customer can come to the company to discuss business, the chances of doing business will be great. Therefore, many foreign traders attach great importance to the visits of foreign customers, and when foreign customers to visit the company, how to correctly recei
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[Knowledge] Summary of experience in customer visits
Why do you visit clients? The customers here include partners and non-partners.01 customers choose the factory for their own difficult Chinese factories too much, the fierce competition, customers difficult to choose the factory for their own, coupled with the unauthenticity of the network, you are
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[Knowledge] How to make a good video with a client
"Developed a peer agent, with about a month to report some prices, the other party said it is still more satisfied." According to the process of their company, they need to hold a video conference, and there are about three participants. In addition to me, there are two other colleagues who are not
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[Knowledge] Making phone calls to customers is really important in foreign trade
In the development of new customers, phone calls are indispensable, you search a mailbox from the website, and then you send a development letter to the customer, sent out 100, can have three or five replies, are already good, even if it is returned to the final deal, it is even less. Although this
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[Knowledge] How to improve customer conversion rate
If you want to ask the foreign trade industry bosses are most concerned about the problem, then customer conversion rate must be an unavoidable topic. Foreign trade customer development has the characteristics of long transaction cycle, complex transaction process, large personnel changes . Limited
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