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A list of these foreign trade articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional foreign trade, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
[Knowledge] How to make a good video with a client
"Developed a peer agent, with about a month to report some prices, the other party said it is still more satisfied." According to the process of their company, they need to hold a video conference, and there are about three participants. In addition to me, there are two other colleagues who are not
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[Knowledge] Making phone calls to customers is really important in foreign trade
In the development of new customers, phone calls are indispensable, you search a mailbox from the website, and then you send a development letter to the customer, sent out 100, can have three or five replies, are already good, even if it is returned to the final deal, it is even less. Although this
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[Knowledge] How to improve customer conversion rate
If you want to ask the foreign trade industry bosses are most concerned about the problem, then customer conversion rate must be an unavoidable topic. Foreign trade customer development has the characteristics of long transaction cycle, complex transaction process, large personnel changes . Limited
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[Knowledge] How to deal with your zombie customers
How to deal with your“Zombie” customers, we often encounter the daily work of collating and analyzing customer data, we will be based on customer activity, customers will be divided into zombie customers and active customers. An active customer is a customer who responds effectively when we have a b
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[Knowledge] How do foreign trade people calmly receive customers factory inspection?
In foreign trade business, many times they have to receive customers for factory inspection. Especially now, more and more customers are coming to China for business trips to look at suppliers. There are also many foreign companies that have Chinese office staff at home, then the Chinese staff must
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[Knowledge] When foreign customers visit the factory, what should we show them?
I've written a lot about how customers look at factories, but mostly I've focused on the small details of how to receive customers, because I think most factories are familiar with receiving customers. But many new factories, new foreign trade enterprises into a misunderstanding. When presented to c
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[Knowledge] The enterprise uses the foreign trade social media marketing promotion well, the effect lets you not expect!
With many traditional foreign trade enterprises have gone online, the internet competition is increasingly difficult. Foreign Trade Enterprises want to take the road on the line, then can not do without network marketing. But now the social media marketing promotion, is the foreign trade marketing a
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[Knowledge] How to do foreign trade correctly maintain the old customers
Foreign trade work, in addition to daily contact with foreign trade customer development, but also need to timely follow up with our old customers, sometimes old customers than new customers more important. So, but in the end what is foreign trade customer management, maintenance of foreign trade cu
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[Knowledge] Can you find reliable customers through customs data?
Customs data, if used well, is really an artifact.Near the end of each year, there are always a lot of data companies selling customs data, and there are even several calls in one morning, which makes people have to suspect that this business is really profitable.Many people got the customs data and
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[Knowledge] The cultures of various countries that foreign trade people must know
1. The way of thinking about cultural differences in foreign trade marketing The Anglo-American thinking mode is characterized by deductive reasoning in a linear sequence, while the Chinese are more intuitive, intuitive, and use imagery thinking. In cross-cultural language communication, this differ
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