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Table manners during customer visits

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As trading friends know, if a foreign customer can come to the company to discuss business, the chances of doing business will be great. Therefore, many foreign traders attach great importance to the visits of foreign customers, and when foreign customers to visit the company, how to correctly receive, foreign customers have become a lot of foreign trade salesman problems.


In the reception of foreign customers, need to pay attention to a certain skill, and then from the details to customers leave a good impression, for a better cooperation to increase a successful grasp.
First, let's talk about the general reception. 1. When a guest comes to the office and we take him to a meeting room or a booth, ask: Can I bring you something to drink? (what would you like to drink?) or simply: Coffee o r Tea? (coffee or Tea?) Generally speaking, many guests in China have a tight schedule, have a hurried breakfast, some restaurants do not have coffee in the morning, supply, for them is very uncomfortable. (as much as we feel when we go to work in the morning without brushing our teeth.) If we can offer them a cup of coffee before a formal business meeting, not only will it help them feel refreshed, but they will also feel in a good mood, very well. Of course, not many foreigners like instant coffee, just as not many of us like tea brewed in teabags. If it is water, bottled mineral water is the best. Foreigners are much more health-minded than we are
Instead of fruit in the meeting room, try small candies (mints or coffee candies, or small packets of chocolate) . It is observed that many foreigners like sweets very much. In China's eating habits also lead to them more likely to have hunger, hunger, this time the small candy has played a big role. 3. If they arrive at 3 or 4 p.m. , there's nothing like a well-made cupcake. For example, once in the exhibition, with foreigners in a booth to talk for a long time, this time they a girl packed, a box of the hotel next to the Chocolate Mousse cake over. The faces of the foreigners lit up in an instant. After reloading, the rest of the business was done in a cheerful atmosphere. Can not say the cake has the absolute function, but the cake brings the good mood and to the company's good impression is absolutely indispensable. Second, let's talk about taking clients out to dinner.
1. Restaurant Choice: it doesn't have to be luxurious, but it does have to look clean. Because work outside, the body is very important. If they can't work because of diarrhea, their trip to China will be a big loss.
Do you have anything that you don't Eat? (is there anything you are not eating?) This question is actually very critical. The Constitution of foreigners is very different from that of Chinese people. They are allergic to many things. I had received 4 German engineers before. Everyone is allergic to many kinds of food. Eggs, seafood, shells, do not touch, eat itchy, severe breathing difficulties. Have you ever heard of an allergy to flour? An Italian client was, and to top it all off, met a guy who was allergic to eggplant, and an Indian, so don't be offended if he called him a vegetarianism, this is what their religion demands. For them, if he doesn't have his own food to bring to China to eat, then give him special points of vegan food. Take special care of the waiter when ordering. Moreover, it is best not to give them too hot food, because they are really not tolerant of Chinese hot, eat some chili the next day will have diarrhea.
3. Eating utensils: Big City restaurants usually have knives and forks, but if you are a small place, might as well invite foreign customers, customers to eat in advance to help them prepare a knife and fork set with. Because let them use chopsticks they will be a little embarrassed, especially the first time using chopsticks, if dirty clothes for business travelers is a very troublesome thing.
4. Serve: before serving, remind the waiter that the chicken must be served with the head off and the feet off. Don't order the fish. (and don't order live fish or shrimp.) For them, seeing their heads on a plate is a very scary thing. Dogs, cats, snakes, don't order them, and don't tell them we eat them. Or they at home like a baby, the same dog, see US eat dog meat, feel uncomfortable.
Pick up vegetables: because of the use of public chopsticks is not very common. When serving, please don't touch your chopsticks, let the waiter use them first, and the public chopsticks will transfer the dishes to the foreign guests' plates. (do you want to Try This?) .
Dessert: if there is a dessert, it is best served at the end. If not, a fruit bowl will do just fine.
7. Drinks: for most people, the alcohol content of Chinese beer is much higher than that of their local beer. If you still have a job after dinner, you can call it Tsingtao beer. If you look at him, he doesn't drink, and he's overweight, Diet Cola/Light Cola is the best. But no matter what time do not force the guests to drink baijiu, our baijiu for them are very strong. I know most foreigners who have drunk Chinese Baijiu and have been deeply impressed by the uncomfortable feeling.

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