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What is the difference between the interior of the shipping box and the trailer?

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In shipping, the difference between inside loading and trailer, that is, the difference between inside loading and production loading.


Inside loading is the shipper to the warehouse, the warehouse is responsible for receiving goods, arrangements for empty boxes, containers, into the port.

You said that the trailer should be door-to-door the kind of, that is, find their own team, inform packing date, location, fleet arrangement car empty boxes, on time to the designated location (usually factory) loading containers, port

1) inside loading means the operation of sending the goods by Shipper to the yard or warehouse designated by the booking agent to be packed by the yard or warehouse and assembled at the port. At first, the inner packing was limited to LCL, but later the meaning of the inner packing was extended to FCL, that is, the shipper delivered the goods to the designated yard, and the yard arranged to make orders, carry cases, load containers, collect ports and so on. 

2) one of the concepts that corresponds to interior loading is production loading, that is, the operation of pulling empty containers directly to the place of origin (factory) for loading. This method does not require the shipper to deliver the goods first to the station, but directly to the container to the factory for packing. Shippers can find their own fleet of trailer to the factory loading ("Three self" is the way) , you can also entrust the booking agent to arrange the trailer to the factory loading. 

3) the product is usually what we call a"Trailer". Because the production and loading are first to use a trailer to pick up the ship yard empty boxes, and then empty boxes towed directly to the origin of the goods (factory) loading, loading, and then towed back to the port yard, waiting for customs clearance, shipping, shipping. So, the difference between interior and trailer, that is, the difference between interior and production. In addition, the sea transport of the whole box is basically a trailer (production and loading)-based, supplemented by the interior. Because the trailer (production loading) is directly to the empty box to the factory, a one-time packing. In-loading, on the other hand, involves two loads and one discharge-loading at the factory, unloading at the in-loading point, and then loading into the container-which adds to the cost and makes repeated loading and unloading more likely to cause damage

A trailer is a forwarder who arranges for a trailer to take a container to a location designated by the factory or customer for loading and then directly into the port.
Inside loading is the factory or the customer first to the freight forwarder designated warehouse, by the freight forwarder entrusted warehouse arrangement after loading into the port. So must according to the actual situation to the customer container, in order to avoid unnecessary damage to the goods

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