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Summary of experience in customer visits

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Why do you visit clients? The customers here include partners and non-partners.


01 customers choose the factory for their own difficult Chinese factories too much, the fierce competition, customers difficult to choose the factory for their own, coupled with the unauthenticity of the network, you are difficult to let customers understand the company's most real situation.

02 customers choose products suitable for their own market too many difficult products, dazzling, customers can not distinguish products, do not know how to choose products.

03 lack of confidence in China's quality through the telephone, email or website, customers can not touch the product, there is great doubt about the quality of the product, the newly established Chinese companies have no visibility or a certain word of mouth, customers are not comfortable with quality.

04 cooperation negotiation cycle is too long customers often leave, and often do not reply to the mail, from the mail to the next sample order may be half a year, after the sample order do not know why there is no news, no matter how you chase, the client never responds and won't tell you why.

05 R & D and design do not know the direction of the market what kind of product is a good product, this is the market, the market is the only test.

06 establish friendly long-term cooperative trade partnership just like China, foreign countries attach great importance to networking. They like to reciprocate each other. After meeting each other, that kind of friendship will make your future cooperation much smoother, and it's easy to prioritize you as a long-term supplier.

2007 client complaints are often difficult to communicate by email or phone, but the client will be very clear with you in person, including all the problems that have occurred in the work with you, and the scene can show you the real thing. Feedback is more direct and effective.

08 new products quickly received market feedback many times we develop a new product, need to send samples to foreign customers, to see if they have any suggestions, need to improve or anything, customers do not return for a long time, in the end, it turned into a new product development could not wait forever. As a result, the mold was started. Finally, the product was shipped in small batches. The customer said that the product needed to be changed. At that time, the mold could no longer be changed.

Key points to visit customers

01 visual display of the company's advantages, strength of the proposed PPT form about to the customer's high-level meeting.

02 recommend new products select the top 10-20 products for the customer market + new products, the product's selling points refined, the accurate information to the customer, and live demonstration, let him know what this product is good, why did you choose this product.

03 to enhance customer confidence 1 to provide some certificates, 2 to provide the company's laboratory test report, 3 in the PPT show the company's strict quality system, 4 other customers on the product praise, collect more, 5 the quality of the sample must be perfect, this is the most direct test of your quality.

If you have enough samples, the customer shows interest in the product, you can leave a sample in his company, or call the factory on the spot and ask them to deliver the samples immediately.

05 pinpoint the direction of new product development find the best seller on the market (including the best seller on the client's website) + the product the company wants to develop in the near future, or the designer designs some products directly to the client, he will tell you his opinion, like it or not, or what advice he has.

06 invite customers to visit the factory after the good relationship with customers will be more willing to communicate with you, the most important is your professional interview, let customers admire you, future cooperation, your initiative will be much more.

07 let the client to help your company to improve their client complaints with pictures and text, with customers to your samples, communicate to the company's quality, engineering department, let them improve, and to design and R & D of the customer's recommendations into a written document to communicate to the R & D Department.

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