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How to improve customer conversion rate

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If you want to ask the foreign trade industry bosses are most concerned about the problem, then customer conversion rate must be an unavoidable topic. Foreign trade customer development has the characteristics of long transaction cycle, complex transaction process, large personnel changes . Limited by the industry characteristics, a large number of customers precipitation down, can not be timely and effective follow-up, become zombie customers, enterprise customer conversion rate and turnover, difficult to improve. So, Do you know where your zombie clients come from?


1. Sources of foreign trade customers

Whether it is a foreign trade boss or a foreign trade salesman, they all care about one problem, that is, making money. So where does the money come from? Of course, it is a transaction customer. A customer follows up from an inquiry and eventually becomes A, B, c, different levels of customers of Type D.

2. The clients are there

Suppose a company adds 1,000 new inquiries a year, how many of them can be considered valid customers (A, B customers) after a period of follow-up, most foreign trade enterprises said that the proportion of effective customers can not reach 20% of the total inquiry.

3. How do we define a zombie client

Customers do not respond to emails, products do not fit, the price is not appropriate, so we define the customer as a zombie customer. Not following up for a long time. However, you know, in your definition of zombie customers, but are likely to be high-quality customers of the industry.

Can invalid customers be converted?

So, those zombie clients that are sleeping in our system, can they be resurrected? Experiments have shown that, with a systematic solution, foreign Trade Enterprises can greatly improve account for 80% of the conversion rate of invalid customers, conversion rate is about 10%-30% .

Enliven precipitated customers: you need to do this!

1. Know your customers: whether your customers are American or German, or Indian, each country/region has its own characteristics, personality traits, daily follow-up contacts, communication and negotiation methods are also different. Americans are demanding of timeliness, Germans are strict, and Arabs like sweets . Do not understand these, you reply to the random email, sent a development letter, of course, lost.

2. Effective Communication: there is no regional division, do not understand the regional culture, reply customers not timely, customers become invalid customers, whether for different regions of the customer set different development letter template, quotation template, on your shop for decoration, release products, do not be uniform, to highlight their own characteristics. Your customers receive more than one email per day and more than one vendor's web page. All professional email and web design will be more eye-catching.

3. Keep in touch with your customers:many data shows that foreign trade industry buyers like to deal with those who contact with the supplier, perhaps the customer has not responded to you, or the price does not match, well, the first thing you need to do is not throw it into the pile of invalid customers, but to analyze exactly what went wrong, whether it was a product problem, a cultural problem, or a customer habit problem, or whether we didn't respond promptly and professionally, then solve these problems, and finally take advantage of the size cycle, continuous communication, the final transaction customer.

Four. System management customer: set a clear level for customers, the system regularly remind follow-up, to customers for regional division, according to the customer's different regions, habits send different development letters. Through the system to set up the reasonable customer follow-up, management mechanism, set up a scientific mechanism of the high seas and conflict mechanism, so as to enliven customers.

Big cycle small cycle

Understand the reason why customers do not reply, with the ability to convert customers, and there are conversion methods, size cycle, sales funnel is the simplest but most practical method.

Clear customer rejection of our reasons, to solve the biggest problem before enlivening customers, there is a system to manage all the customers, using the size cycle, "Zombie customers" can be slowly resurrected! Of course, system management customers can also ensure the security of the company's customer resources in any case.

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