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submarine optical cable

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China will hold the 2021 International Import Commodities Expo, in order to guarantee the unhindered communication of international submarine optical cable during the period of meeting, the government organized professional and technical personnel to carry out a action of 8-day patrol of international submarine optical cable in some sea areas, they are asked to complete the task of submarine optical cable cruise in this area, supervising the inspection of the areas where the submarine cables are prone to accidents, reducing the damage of the submarine cables and ensuring normal communication.

Our country built the Submarine cable to France, which played an important role.

Submarine optical cables are communications cables laid under the sea to establish telecommunications transmission between countries. In fact, communication between countries is mostly achieved by submarine optical cable, the construction of submarine optical cable does not need to dig holes or support, less investment, fast construction, can effectively avoid wind and waves and other natural environment damage and human production activities. Compared with land, submarine optical cable has strong anti-interference ability and good security performance, which can meet the needs of data transmission. It is precisely because of the unique advantages of submarine cable that Huawei, a Chinese company, decided to build an submarine cable to France. Some people can't help wondering, satellite technology is so advanced, why don't we use satellites?

Although satellites have the characteristics of long coverage distance and long communication distance, they also have irreparable defects, such as certain delay, interference of signal transmission, and inevitable influence or interruption by solar transits and eclipses. What is most important is that satellites have a low life span and risk of launch failure, and not all countries can afford to launch satellites. Fiber optic cables and satellites each have their own unique advantages, and neither can be replaced.


It is worth mentioning that the submarine cable laid by China will not be laid entirely on the seabed, but will first pass through Pakistan, enter the seabed from Gwadar port, and then reach Marseille, France, via Djibouti, Kenya, Egypt and other regions. The completion of the china-France submarine optical cable will contribute to economic exchanges and cooperation between China and Europe.

Nowadays, we're online every day. Through the Internet, we can keep in touch with all parts of the world at any time and exchange information. The reason why Internet is Inter + NET instead of Intranet is because of the interconnection between networks. The submarine optical cable is the main artery that ensures the connectivity between the world's major regional networks.


The biggest difference between submarine cable and land cable is its "armored protection". Generally speaking, "armored protection" includes the following layers: 1. Polyethylene layer 2. Polyester resin or asphalt layer 3. Steel strand layer 4. Aluminum waterproof layer 5. Poly carbon waterproof layer 6. Copper or aluminum pipe 7. Fiber bundle.


The reason why the submarine cable needs so many layers of protection is due to the extreme complexity of the environment. The first is the corrosion of seawater, which is the main problem. Sea water is salt water, after a long time of immersion, the general material must have been rotten. The polymer layer on the submarine cable is designed to prevent hydrogen from reacting with seawater. Even if the outer layer is corroded, the inner copper tube, paraffin wax, and carbonic acid will prevent the hydrogen from harming the fiber. The penetration of hydrogen molecules will lead to an increase in optical fiber transmission attenuation. In addition to corrosion, submarine cables have to withstand pressure from the ocean floor, natural disasters and human factors.

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