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The Necessity of FTTH

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The Concept of FTTH


FTTH (fiber to the home), as the name implies, is a fiber directly to the home. Specifically, FTTH refers to the installation of optical network unit (ONU) at home users or enterprise users, which is the optical access network application type closest to users except FTTD (optical fiber to desktop). FTTH not only provides more bandwidth, but also enhances the transparency of data format, speed, wavelength and protocol, relaxes the requirements of environmental conditions and power supply, and simplifies the maintenance and installation.


With the rapid development of optical communication technology, optical fiber technology is widely used in the field of communication. With the maturity of PON access technology, it has become an irresistible fact that "optical access and copper retreat" have become the global broadband network construction. FTTH (fiber to the home) industry emerges as the times require, and has gradually become the hot spot of network development and the forefront of network construction.


Next, through the analysis of the necessity of (fiber to the home) development, as well as an example of the development status, it will lead to the difficulties in the development of FTTH.


The Necessity of FTTH Development


The contradiction between the increasing application demand of bandwidth services and the "ceiling" ADSL speed-up makes FTTH an industry that must be developed. The large-scale development of FTTH has brought about economic development, social progress and the saving of non-ferrous metal resources. The following is a detailed analysis from four aspects.



1. More business applications to promote economic development and social progress.


In the era of copper cable, the main application is one-way, such as web browsing, download operation and so on. FTTH provides a broad platform for the application of two-way business, such as online education, online office, conference video, online games, remote diagnosis and treatment, IPTV on demand, etc. The application of the above business will bring economic development and promote social progress. Every home which provide outdoor or indoor optical termination boxes will have a chance to carry on more economic and recreational activities.



2. Lower investment cost.


First of all, as pointed out by the International Telecommunication Union in the "measuring the information society 2011" report, "the higher the broadband service rate, the lower the unit price." in China, the cost per line of FTTH has dropped from more than 3000 yuan to an average of 1300 yuan in 2010, reaching the threshold of large-scale construction. Secondly, FTTH can simultaneously carry voice, data and IPTV services on a single optical fiber to achieve the integration of three networks. The reduction of the number of lead-in lines improves the line utilization rate, effectively reduces the social output cost and improves the social benefits. Once again, the use of copper cable frequent cable theft. The maintenance cost of the supplementary cable can be reduced after the copper is retreated. Finally, the arrival of the rainy season will make the copper cable users drop the line frequently and reduce their perception. Optical fiber media is not affected by rain, and the experience effect of rainy season is obvious. The maintenance times are reduced and the operation cost is reduced.




3. Expand the coverage and increase the customer base.


FTTH access mode extends the transmission distance from 2km to 20km. For rural and remote retail investors, it is possible to experience online business. However, many optical fiber accessories are needed to realize the remote connection, such as optical fiber fast connector to achieve optical fiber connection, optical fiber tools(like Crimping Tool, fiber optic cleaver) to achieve daily repair, or fiber termination box to achieve real home access.



4. Improve the transmission rate and enhance the user perception.


FTTH access mode increases the transmission rate from 4m and 8m supported by ADSL to 20m, 100m or even higher bandwidth, which greatly reduces the poor perception of users such as slow network speed and frequent dropped lines caused by poor quality, super long cable or crosstalk.

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