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Analyze my main cooperative customers

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Three years of foreign trade work, we have contacted many foreign customers, according to the countries of customers, the longest cooperation is in Southeast Asia, America and Europe. In these three regions, there are three customers that I often contact with. This article mainly contact with these three customers, talk about a little understanding of them. I analyze from three aspects of typical eating etiquette, English characteristics and style for friends' reference.


China is the Philippines' biggest source of imports, followed by Japan and the US. In the Filipino mind, if it is made in China, it must be cheap. Based on the above concept, many Filipino businessmen import low-grade products from China at the expense of shoddy products in order to grab fat profits. In the Philippine market, we have noticed that all products from China are very cheap, but there are some quality problems. Moreover, many family businesses in the Philippines have a strong sense of belonging among family members, and respect for elders is regarded as the top priority of family ethics. My Philippine customers mainly buy FTTH products because their country is vigorously developing fiber-related products. In addition, Philippine customers need to make FE documents every time they import a large number of goods. Once the client has deep contact with you, they will stick to you. If I don't hear back from you immediately, I'll come to you. In addition, their relevant documents are very complicated, which requires us to spend a lot of time.

South Americans can speak English almost the same situation as China, the level of high has been under the age of 35 young people. South Americans are very casual and often have a lot of misspelled words and poor grammar when using chat tools. But typing is still better than talking on the phone with South Americans, who generally speak English like Latin, influenced by their mother tongue."Unbridled" makes South Americans generally inefficient. It's common to get stood up by South Americans, who don't think it's a big deal to be late or show up for an appointment. So if you want to do business with South Americans, patience is important. Don't assume that just because they haven't responded to an email for a few days, it could be their holiday.Like my Argentinean and Spanish clients, they have to be reminded a few more times before they respond.South Americans are generally good at bargaining, so we need to be patient. South Americans are not as rigid as some Europeans and are willing to make friends and talk about things other than business.


Like my English client, he is a very polite customer. But because he has been dealing with Chinese people for so long, he is very experienced in talking about things. Britain is generally indifferent to strangers. Even if the two sides are cooperative customers in trade, British customers will not talk too much about their inner world. They talk about things as they are and usually don't talk about things that are relevant to them.


we from the business, quality control, to meet the psychology of foreign customers, foreign trade will be more intelligent, now most foreign trade companies focus on network promotion, spend a lot of money for online sales every year. For this approach, I do not hold a negative attitude, after all, is the source of customers, awareness of the guarantee. However, we must not ignore the training of professional quality, product after-sales, quality management. When customers recognize your products and services, there will be additional publicity, business will be bigger and bigger. 


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