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When foreign customers visit the factory, what should we show them?

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I've written a lot about how customers look at factories, but mostly I've focused on the small details of how to receive customers, because I think most factories are familiar with receiving customers. 


But many new factories, new foreign trade enterprises into a misunderstanding. When presented to customers, they have completely lost their focus. What they present may not be the most important to the client and may not be decisive for the final transaction. One question: What does the customer really see? A lot of people say our factory is very big, very famous in the industry, so we should focus on showing the company image, enterprise scale and so on. Is that really what the client wants? Have you ever tested a client on what he cares about! I often tell customers that our factory is not big enough to compare with the industry's big brand. Does that affect your decision? The customer said: the size of your company has nothing to do with me. If you look at the size of the company, I will not buy in China. I will place an order as long as the quality of your products is good. I will also visit factories smaller than yours. If they have the right quality and the right price, I might choose them over you! I have a friend, his company is big, state-owned, always emphasize to customers how big we are, how big our output value and so on. Repeated repeated customers do not pay attention to, said more customers will say, I'm sorry, no matter how big your company, quality does not qualify, the price is too high, I do not buy! I will not pay for the size of your company, I buy the product, unless you can let me know that your product really has no other advantage! These two views can represent 80% of customers (I have contact with the mechanical, chemical, building materials, the user) the real idea! So customers come to the factory, whether you are a large company or a small company, the focus should be on the product! Customers come to the factory, you will have a clear understanding of the scale.

 Can introduce a few, say a few data. But do not take this as the focus, because said more customers will feel that this is in preparation for the high price behind, a lot of salespeople will add a few words, big factory credibility, reliable quality, small factory quality is not guaranteed. You know, customers can also be small factories. What's he gonna think when you say that? Products, customers care most! If possible, let the customer look at the process of the product, how the production line is carried out, how to pay attention to the details of each step, how to ensure quality. For example, chemical products, need to let customers know how to control the moisture content, how to control the content of impurities, how to ensure that there is no weight error, how to avoid impurities into the packaging process, how to ensure that the product in the packaging will not leak. For example, machinery, how to deal with the beautiful bending link, welding how to deal with solder joints to ensure solid, which links are integrated design, which can be split design, and so on! This will give the customer a clear understanding of the quality of your product first. If the customer needs to see the product's functionality, as in the previous example on Twitter: if it's adhesive, how fast and how strong is it? An experiment was immediately clear. If it is decorative, how to ensure its beauty, how to facilitate the use of, how to avoid fading hurt. And find a model to wear. How to make a device, how to run stably, how to ensure material saving and power saving, how many people to operate, how to link up the links from feeding to finished products, how to deal with faults in operation, etc. , one run, that's all that matters! If possible, you can show your customers the laboratory performance of the samples. Many products can not show your customers the production process, show the function, then can be achieved in the laboratory. We usually go to the warehouse and let customers take samples at random. We will test them. We do whatever the customer wants to see, so that the customer can directly see the final test results. If the client wants, he can go to the console himself! If possible, you can present the actual project to your client. Some companies are an operating part of the system and can not be run alone, so you can show your customers the actual operating projects, domestic can also, just Show your customers how this part of the system works, at a glance! If not, at least have a video. Video should have at least one person live negotiations, this is your best, experimental video, running video, or foreign debugging video, and so on. If not, you had better not take the initiative to invite customers, because you invited him, it is equivalent to inviting customers to China for others, for others to do wedding dress.

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