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What Are The Methods To Reduce Project Cost in Broadband Access Engineering Design

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1, the use of fibre core hollowing process

Broadband access project in the density of optical cable joints is often higher, such as community broadband access project in an average of about 30 metres there is an optical cable joints. Fibre optic cable joints cost ratio (fibre optic cable joints budget cost / single project construction and installation costs) is also relatively high, residential broadband access project, the cost of fibre optic cable joints accounted for even more than 10%.

In most of the optical cable joints, the need to branch splicing of the fibre core is very small, most of the fibre core is straight fusion.

Currently used in the project cable is generally stranded structure, 24-core cable usually includes 4 bundles, each bundle tube 6 cores, a filler rope 12-core cable usually includes 2 bundles, 3 filler rope.

If the cable connection using core hollowing process, only the need to branch the connection of the fibre core where the bundled tube is broken, and the corresponding fibre core for the connection; and the other several bundled tube is not broken, only in the connector box to stay in the tray; so that the number of fibre core connection greatly reduced, the overall project can be made to reduce the engineering work of the optical fiber cable connection more than 50%. Due to the great reduction in the number of core splicing, will also bring the link transmission quality improvement.

However, the current procurement of some 24-core, 12-core layer stranded cable, which is often only 2 and 1 bunch of tubes, each bunch of tubes within the fibre core for 12 cores; and through the longitudinal broken bunch of tubes for fibre core hollowing out of the difficulty of the higher; so that 12-core cables it is difficult to carry out fibre core hollowing out of the 24-core cables for fibre core hollowing out of the workload can be reduced.

2, reduce unnecessary plastic pipe protection

Fiber optic cable line project, the cable using plastic tube protection scenarios can be seen everywhere, such as: overhead cable over the pole protection, cable in the man (hand) hole protection, splitter box into the end of the cable protection, nailed to the protection of the cable and so on.

Over-pole protection of aerial fibre optic cables is mainly to prevent the wear and tear of the concrete pole on the outer layer of the fibre optic cable. In some often windy areas, cement poles will indeed cause wear and tear of the cable sheath, but the wear and tear is generally not serious; but the thin bellows, not to mention wear and tear, in the outdoors in a few years early self-care, so, access to the cable over the pole protection is not necessary.

Fibre-optic cable in the person (hand) hole set of plastic tube protection is mainly marking and anti-trampling; but the cable itself is completely anti-flat performance is able to prevent low-frequency trampling, and then again, the longitudinal section of the plastic tube and how much can increase the compressive properties of it, therefore, access to the optical cable in the person (hand) hole and the need to set the plastic tube protection.

Ordinary fibre-optic cable nailed with rigid plastic tube protection, it is estimated that the main purpose is aesthetic, but this will lead to nailed cable unit length of laying workload increased by more than 30%. Ordinary fibre-optic cable nailed as long as the spacing of the nails is not too outrageous (norms require spacing of 50cm), and does not affect the aesthetic; however, some of the building walls can not be nailed to the wall at will because of the nails, fibre-optic cables with a rigid plastic tube to protect the nails can be reduced after the spacing.

Of course, broadband access cable may be damaged by external forces or significantly affect the aesthetic situation, or the need to use plastic pipe protection. Such as: (1) ordinary cable buried (2) cable lead on (3) butterfly cable laying in the place where it is appropriate to touch (4) more than one butterfly cable with the routing of the laying and so on.

3, the cable splitter box also as a connector box

Fiber optic cable splitter box and optical cable splice box, with more than one cable in and out and the melting of fibers; if the fiber optic cable splitter box is located in the main route of the cable, or from the main route of the cable is closer, you can use the fiber optic splitter box and do the optical cable splice box.

Compared with the use of splice box divergence connection, the use of splitter box and do the splice box has the following characteristics:

(1) save optical cable splice box;

(2) Reduce the amount of joining work; the use of splice box splitting joining, splice box core joining 12 cores, splitter box into the end of the joining 2 cores, a total of 14 cores; the use of splitter box splitting joining, only 10 cores in the splitter box joining, into the end of the 2 cores, a total of 12 cores joining;

(3) Increase the amount of fibre optic cable deployment; from the splitter box to the fibre optic cable needs to be deployed on the main routes of multiple fibre optic cables;

(4) Because the splitter box is easy to open, the use of splitter box splicing security is slightly worse;

(5) Split-fibre box is generally only equipped with a fusion fibre disc, suitable for 12 cores of the following connection.

Therefore, when the total number of fibre-optic cable splicing does not exceed 12 cores, the splitter box is a short distance from the main routing of the cable (recommended no more than 20 m), the splitter box can be used as a splice box.

4, lead on the protection pipe using rigid PVC pipe

Fibre-optic cable lead in the broadband access project is more common. If the cable is not protected, the cable is easily damaged by man in the ground.

Lead-up cable is usually protected by lead-up steel pipe, but the unit price of steel pipe of similar specifications is more than 3 times higher than rigid PVC, broadband access cable can be protected by rigid PVC pipe at the lead-up.

The use of rigid PVC pipe for the lead-up protection pipe, must be above ground part of the pole or wall fixed firmly, otherwise it may lead to PVC pipe in the ground out of the fracture, so as to lose the protective effect.

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