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These are related to the fiber optic news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in fiber optic and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand fiber optic market.
[Knowledge] Analysis of Factors And Optimization Measures of Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing Loss
1. Engineering design, construction and maintenance work should be used in the same characteristics of high-quality optical fiberTry to use the same batch of high-quality optical fiber on a line. For the same batch of optical fiber, its mode field diameter is basically the same, the fiber at a certa
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[Knowledge] What are the differences between coaxial cable and fiber cable?
Coaxial line and optical fiber line are two kinds of transmission media widely used in modern communication field. They have their own unique advantages and characteristics.The transmission principleCoaxial line is a kind of transmission line covered by a conductor and a layer of insulating material
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[Knowledge] How do you find a breakpoint when an undersea cable breaks?
The general procedures for handling submarine cable incidents are as follows:1. The spread spectrum time domain reflectometer (SSTDR) is also used to locate the fault location. The instrument uses the principle of time-domain reflection. It transmits and receives a set of signals first, because a ca
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[Knowledge] How to do the Fluke test
Most people get Fluke test reports in hard copy or PDF files, often ignoring the most valuable test data, the paper version of the test report or the PDF version of the test data can basically see only the test results, pass or fail, and a very small portion of the test data (less than 1% of all the
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[Knowledge] Table manners during customer visits
As trading friends know, if a foreign customer can come to the company to discuss business, the chances of doing business will be great. Therefore, many foreign traders attach great importance to the visits of foreign customers, and when foreign customers to visit the company, how to correctly recei
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[Knowledge] Summary of experience in customer visits
Why do you visit clients? The customers here include partners and non-partners.01 customers choose the factory for their own difficult Chinese factories too much, the fierce competition, customers difficult to choose the factory for their own, coupled with the unauthenticity of the network, you are
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[Knowledge] When fiber is so fast, why not use fiber to connect the router to the computer?
Fiber optic network speed is indeed fast, long-distance transmission, can achieve the real one gigabit network speed. So, in our home LAN, between the computer and the router, why not use optical fiber to connect? Well, some people compare optical fiber to a highway, the home LAN to a small village,
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[Knowledge] How to deal with optical fiber transmission attenuation effectively
In the modern communication industry, communications, optical fiber transmission technology as a kind of common information data transmission mode, since it has advantages of high efficiency and high transmission speed, communication quality, greatly satisfy the demand of modern social development,
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[Knowledge] When foreign customers visit the factory, what should we show them?
I've written a lot about how customers look at factories, but mostly I've focused on the small details of how to receive customers, because I think most factories are familiar with receiving customers. But many new factories, new foreign trade enterprises into a misunderstanding. When presented to c
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[Knowledge] Why is an OTDR test extension wire usually required in the course of optical fiber testing using an OTDR?
Optical Optical Time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) is a necessary optical fiber testing tool for analyzing the performance of optical fibers by using light backscattering technique. It can test fiber loss and locate breakpoints, splices, and connectors in fiber networks. However, there is a“Blind spot
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