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ADSS Cable Common Accident Phenomenon And Prevention Methods

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First, ADSS cable characteristics

1, ADSS cable hanging on the inside of the cable, can be set up without power;

2, light weight, small cable, small load on the tower;

3, large span, up to 1200 metres;

4, the use of polyethylene sheath, with good resistance to electrical corrosion;

5, non-metallic structure, lightning protection ;

6, imported aramid, good tensile properties and temperature performance, suitable for the north and other bad weather ;

7, long life, service life of up to 30 years.

Second, ADSS optical cable quality problems prevention methods

(1) Appearance damage: As part of the cable line through the hills or mountains, rocky and overgrown. Fiber optic cable is easy to friction in the trees or rocks, it is very easy to scratch or bend, especially the cable sheath wear, the surface is not smooth, in the use of the process is easy due to dust and salt environment and corrosion, the service life of the great harm. Construction must be supervised by more than one person, and the preparation must be carefully checked before transport.

(2) Fibre optic and high loss points: Fibre optic breakage and high loss points are caused by local stress during construction and laying. During the laying process, the cable spanning speed is not uniform and the force is not constant, which will cause changes in the rotation angle, diameter of the guide wheel and roundness of the cable. Sometimes the centre FRP is found to break. Because the centre glass fibre is a non-metallic material, the cable tension will stretch and break misaligned, and the glass fibre will break. It will damage the loose tube and even damage the fibre. This phenomenon is also a common failure. Many people think that the quality of optical fibre cable is a problem, but it is actually an accident in the construction process. Therefore, it is very important to control the constant tension during the construction process, and it must be uniform.

(3) tensile breakage failure: tensile breakage failure is one of the more common accidents. It usually occurs near the fastener (pre-stranded wire), within 1m of the end of the fastener, and sometimes pulled from the tower behind the fastener. The former is often caused by improper operation in the process of pre-twisting of the cable, while the latter is often due to the inconvenient terrain, cable traction when the traction end angle is too small, or due to the local force of the cable leading to the tower (pole) the smallest bending radius of the force produces a short-term interference. Construction should pay attention to the direction of traction and the direction of the pulling cable, so that the cable force is straight.

Due to the cable sheath material and force elements have good elasticity, often cable in a short period of time after the force, the surface of the sheath will not have obvious scars, cable internal force elements will be damaged. At this time, attention should be paid to the protection of ADSS fibre optic cable. 

Optical fibre resources are managed by the provincial electric power communication department; clear power line maintenance department is responsible for the operation and management of ADSS optical cable, the change of power line operation mode or line transformation should be timely notification of the relevant departments; establish and improve the system of regular patrol, check the protective measures, hanging warning signs, found that the optical cable is damaged or corroded, it should be timely to contact with the design department, manufacturers, construction department, analyze the reasons, develop solutions

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