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These are related to the network news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in network and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand network market.
[Knowledge] The Difference between Switches And Routers
1, the difference between switches and routers?From the application:Switch and router in the use of the biggest difference is no more than the router can be achieved within the dial-up Internet, and then through the sharing of multiple computers at the same time to access the Internet, while the swi
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[Knowledge] How many cores does the home embedded fiber use? Single mode or multiple mode?
In some ways, it was not easy for many people to work hard for the majority of their lives to have a house with their own living environment. Therefore, many people would often invest considerable time, energy, and cost in renovations. Among them, network planning, all hope to do a little better, wh
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[Knowledge] What are the advantages of the toolless network module
How can the network module still have free play and non-free play? How Do I choose? Why is the free-to-play network module more popular than the cable module? Dare to ask small make-up is no doubt the general wiring of the small white! In the spirit of Inman's service, please send Lin Bai into the p
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[Knowledge] How to select modular plug
In fact, not only crystal head, this thing, any product has such drawbacks. Some people make products purely for the purpose of making money, and some people do products are holding a high quality of life to enjoy the high quality. Generally speaking! The price is expensive and the product is of goo
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[Knowledge] How Do you test a BNC connector?
The BNC Connector is a type of Connector for coaxial cables. The full name is BayONet Nut Connector because of the widespread use of coaxial cables, bNC connectors are also widely used in communication systems. For example, the E1 interface in network devices is connected by coaxial cables with two
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[Knowledge] What are the differences between coaxial cable and fiber cable?
Coaxial line and optical fiber line are two kinds of transmission media widely used in modern communication field. They have their own unique advantages and characteristics.The transmission principleCoaxial line is a kind of transmission line covered by a conductor and a layer of insulating material
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[Knowledge] Is It Better To Use Splitter Or TAP for The Signals Coming Out of The Weak Current?
First you learn the difference between a splitter and an allocator, then you know which one to use.In CATV system, both the splitter and the splitter are used to distribute signals. The difference between a branch and a distributor is that no matter how many branches there are, there is one main out
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[Knowledge] Analysis of The Causes of Home Network Quality Problems
The quality of the home network is mainly related to the performance of the home network devices, the connection between the devices, the quality of the wifi signal in the residence, and the use of the user.1 Performance of equipmentThe performance of the equipment that has a big impact on the wifi
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[Knowledge] What Are The Common Reasons Affecting The Quality of Home Broadband Services in Broadband Fiber Access Networks?
The impact of broadband fiber access networks on the quality of home broadband services is often related to ODN fiber link interruptions, ONU weak light, GPON access to Gigabit subscribers, OLT uplink bandwidth limitations, and OLT reloading.1 ODN fiber link interruptionFrom the viewpoint of the cau
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[Knowledge] Table manners during customer visits
As trading friends know, if a foreign customer can come to the company to discuss business, the chances of doing business will be great. Therefore, many foreign traders attach great importance to the visits of foreign customers, and when foreign customers to visit the company, how to correctly recei
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