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Ten Solutions for Power Supply, Protection, Connection And Containment of All Safety Equipment

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With the development of technology, cloud storage, big data, and Internet+ are being applied in various industries. Data resources, like oil and gold, are receiving increasing attention. However, with the continuous upgrading of the volume of video surveillance data, how to construct, plan and deploy, and what means to ensure security has become the focus of the industry.


Video surveillance has become an indispensable part of daily life. Whether it is a private area or a public place, the security system can protect people and property from various hazards. But the security system can only work all the time if it is properly powered, protected, connected and protected.


Like other electronic devices, surveillance systems are easily affected by power problems, tampering and even theft. The successful installation of cameras is just the beginning. In addition, protecting them and keeping them available 24/7 is also a very critical step. Below we will introduce in detail the security infrastructure solutions that are very suitable for video surveillance and other security applications.



POE Switch


Higher power means you can connect more security cameras and other devices, including power-hungry POE+ devices, without having to buy more switches. POE switches can not only realize the data transmission function of ordinary switches, but also supply power to network terminals at the same time. The current network HD cameras are basically powered by POE switches. The use of POE switches in the security monitoring system has many advantages. It does not require extra wires, saves costs, and is easy to upgrade and maintain later.


POE Mid-span Solution


Without replacing the existing network switches, fiber optic connector adapters, fiber distribution panel and other related infrastructure, add power to the network line to support POE equipment.


AC and Data Line Surge Protector


The surge protector is suitable for AC 50/60HZ, rated voltage to 380V power supply system (or communication system), to protect indirect lightning and direct lightning influence or other transient overvoltage surges. Certain models can protect serial and network lines without the need to connect directly to an AC power outlet. This is very useful for protecting POE lines going in and out of security cameras. Similarly, the fiber optic box outdoor and AC distribution box must be protected from the outside to avoid lightning strikes.


UPS System


UPS is an uninterruptible power supply containing energy storage devices. It is mainly used to provide uninterrupted power supply to some equipment that requires high power supply stability. UPS provides backup battery during power failure. At the same time, timely protection is provided against surges, line noise, abnormal voltages and other power problems that may prevent the operation of safety equipment.


Tightly Coupled Cooling


Provide convenient and energy-saving cooling function to prevent heat-related damage and downtime. Generally, when installing an optical fiber, first confirm whether your device is a high-power connector. These devices mainly include bare fibre adapter, fixed fiber optic attenuator and fiber tray. If these devices are not high-power connectors, they may burn out after a while. Device burnout generally occurs on the end face.


Enclosures & Brackets


A good protective shell, such as a model with IP54 protection level, can protect electronic equipment from environmental hazards. This advantage allows the camera to operate normally in outdoor or harsh industrial environments. The same principle applies to outdoor termination box and outdoor distribution box.


Audio/Video Extender


The efficient Cat5e/6 cable can provide high resolution video over long distances.


KVM Switch & Console Server


If the main network fails, some types of appliances will provide a fail-safe connection.


Audio/Video Multi-viewer


Combine signals from multiple cameras into one signal to reduce fiber optic patch cord price and complexity.


Media Converter


Converting copper to optical fiber can transmit longer distances at higher speeds.

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