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Precautions for Optical Fiber installation

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Now the installation of fiber optic patch cable in urban families is very critical, because if there is improper installation behavior, it is likely to cause failure or problems in use. For the installation of fiber optic patch cord, not only professional technical personnel are needed, but also standard tools are needed. Compared with ordinary network cable, optical fiber can transmit data more quickly and stably. As more and more people are facing the problem of optical fiber installation, the matters needing attention in single mode fiber patch cable installation have attracted great attention of the public. 


85-3-fiber optic patch cable


Precautions for Optical Fiber Installation


Compared with the installation of ordinary network cable, the installation of sc to sc patch cord is more complicated. When installing the multimode fiber patch cable, both ends of the optical fiber must be cut by the staff with professional tools. And make sure that both ends are smooth so that the signal does not weaken. Usually, before installing the optical fiber, it is necessary to use a magnifying glass or a microscope to observe whether the cutting state of the fiber end is smooth.


After ensuring that both ends of the outdoor fiber patch cable are smoothly cut, it is also necessary to carefully check whether the connectors at both ends are normal. We should know that in the optical fiber installation, the installation of the connector is a key link. If there is an error in the installation of the connector, or dust or other impurities stick to the multimode patch cord during the installation, it may lead to different degrees of attenuation of the signal when the optical fiber finally receives the signal. Therefore, when installing the fiber optic cable patch cord, make sure that both ends of the optical fiber and the connector are kept clean.


Before the connector of sc to lc fiber patch cable is installed and connected, some protective measures should be taken. Because the connector of lc sc patch cable is very fragile, if there is no protection measures, the signal is easy to leak out from the connector, which will lead to the signal attenuation in the optical fiber transmission. 


After the optical fiber installation is completed, it needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Cleaning optical fiber is a very simple thing. Under normal circumstances, just use alcohol and cotton cloth to wipe the outside of the optical fiber. After cleaning, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether there is dust at the interface of optical fiber. If so, it is necessary to use a brush to clean the dust. It is best to add some dust blocking items at the interface, so as to minimize dust entering the  interface. 


After the optical fiber is installed, try not to move its position. Because optical fiber is very fragile, improper movement may cause fiber damage. When installing the optical fiber, try to avoid bending it. Because the inside of the fiber is made of a material similar to glass, it will be broken if it is excessively bent. If the optical fiber is broken, it must be handled by professional maintenance workers. 

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