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How to select fiber distribution frame

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With the development of high speed transmission, demands for high density patching have increased in recent years. However, the management of installed cables still remains a difficult task. To achieve a simpler way of cable organization, people often use the cost-effective optical distribution frame (ODF) to arrange optical cable connections. ODF solves the problem of optical fiber density distribution.


The function of optic fiber distribution frame


In telecommunications, a distribution frame is a passive device which terminates cables, allowing arbitrary interconnections to be made. Optical fiber distribution frame is used to accommodate optical fiber and carry out optical fiber active transfer. Its function is mainly used to fix and store optical fiber, terminate optical fiber and install optical fiber coupler. At the same time, it can also protect optical fiber joint from damage. Generally speaking, it is a protection device.


Like many products on the market, optical fiber distribution frames have common features, different shapes, and different specifications. Each manufacturer has its own unique style and main features. So how to select fiber distribution frame?


Things to Consider for Choosing ODF


As hundreds of thousands of optical fiber through optical fiber cabling technology to thousands of households, we need to use the distribution frame to reasonably distribute. Backbone fiber can be multi-mode, single-mode or hybrid fiber, and these usually use fiber connectors to supplement network hardware.


Optical fiber distribution frame is generally installed in the distribution cabinet, for small installation may also be directly installed on the wall.


The number and size of optical fiber entering the distribution frame shall be considered to ensure that enough holes of appropriate size are generated to accommodate the optical cable sealing pipe.


Selecting a right ODF is vital to future applications. Here are some recommended aspects for you to consider before purchasing:


Optical cable surplus


A certain amount of fiber optic cable should be reserved to ensure the fiber strength film on the panel chassis. This will prevent the fiber from being pulled out of the panel and the cable from being subjected to excessive stress.


Protection performance


The fiber distribution frame shall provide sufficient protection for the fiber optic connector to prevent accidental contact. A standard ODF should comprise protection devices to prevent fiber optic connections from dust or stress damages. For instance, the splicing connection is very sensitive to the outside environment and is important to the normal operation of a network, so the good quality of ODF protection device is of great importance.




The fiber distribution frame should be able to remove existing connectors and add new connectors or fibers, and it must also be able to store and identify non connector fibers from horizontal or backbone cables.




Using a high density device will definitely increase the difficulty of cable management. ODF should allow for easy access to the connectors on the front and rear ports for quick insertion and removal, which means that ODF must provide adequate space.




Although the distribution frame is only a small part of the optical fiber system, it plays a very important role. High quality distribution frame can avoid a lot of trouble for your optical fiber wiring. As a professional communication accessories manufacturer, MELONTEL provides high-quality distribution frame. Welcome to contact us.

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