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How to Get the Plug in Wireless Security Cameras Power?

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Now you can use flexible security cameras without power or even Internet access, which may be good news for you. However, most of the plug-in wireless security cameras need fiber optic patch cables to supply power at present and only a small number of WiFi security cameras can achieve no power supply.



Accessories Required for Installing Power Cord of Plug-In Wireless Security Camera


Wireless security camera

Power adapter

Fiber patch cables that used for initial setting and can be pulled out after setting

Power extension cable for long distance wiring

Screws for the camera installing


72-1 adapter fiber optic 拷贝


Installation Procedure of Plug in Security Cameras


Install the camera in the desired position.

If your power outlet is at home and you want to install the camera outdoors, you need to drill a hole to connect the fiber optic patch cord between your camera and the socket. Besides, you can use the SC LC patch cord to extend the distance between the camera and the power outlet.

Plug the camera into a power outlet with a 12V adapter fiber optic.

Plug the camera into the router with a SC to LC fiber cable because the new WiFi camera cannot automatically pick up a network that has never been used.

Download and start the mobile app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Unplug the SC to SC fiber cable after WiFi is set up correctly.

Free access to this camera for remote live broadcasting.



Can CCTV Surveillance Camera Continue to Work After Power Failure?


Whether CCTV surveillance cameras can continue to work after power failure depends on which type of security camera you use. PoE and traditional wireless security cameras will stop working when power is off, while battery powered security cameras can still function perfectly after a power failure.



How Long does the Battery in the Wireless Security Camera Last?


The battery life of a wireless security camera running on batteries can last several months, which can vary greatly depending on settings, environmental conditions, and other factors. For example, battery powered security cameras with power-saving technology can support up to six months in standby mode. Some battery powered security camera manufacturers claim battery life can last six months or even two years, but sometimes you may find that the battery runs out in just a few weeks, so you should remember to check other customers' comments before buying a battery powered security camera and a single mode patch cord.



Can IP Cameras Save Video Without Power?


Can CCTV cameras record without power and without battery charging? If a security camera with a battery is used with an SD card, the camera will operate seamlessly without power. But for POE and plug-in wireless security cameras, the camera will stop working and recording after power failure. If you are equipped with UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for these two types of security cameras, the camera can still record and work when the power is suddenly cut off.

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