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How Do you test a BNC connector?

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The BNC Connector is a type of Connector for coaxial cables. The full name is BayONet Nut Connector because of the widespread use of coaxial cables, BNC connectors are also widely used in communication systems. For example, the E1 interface in network devices is connected by coaxial cables with two BNC connectors, in high-end monitors, audio equipment is often used to transmit audio, video signals. Types of BNC connectors include: BNC-t heads for connecting computer network cards to cables in the network; BNC bucket connectors for connecting two thin cables to a longer cable; BNC cable connectors, used for welding or screwing ends of cables; BNC terminals to prevent interference when signals reach a cable fracture and bounce back. A terminal is a special type of connector that has a carefully selected internal resistance that matches the characteristics of the network cable. Each terminal must be grounded.


Many customers after making a good BNC connector, will encounter such a problem, that is, do not know how to test, then in the end how to test BNC connector?

The problem appears the process to restore and the detailed description:

You may not hear the beeping on the server side with a wire finder because of the video cable shielding layer or the length of the line. Disconnect the BNC head on the camera side and use a multimeter in the machine room to check that the resistance of the BNC head circuit is 2.2 x 200m, check line resistance 1.5 at 20M (should be 1.5 m ω) ; connect the camera BNC head to the line and increase the check line resistance to 10 at 20M (should be 10M ω) . The screw short circuit detection is not very stable, probably due to poor short circuit contact. We have tested the video output of the camera with engineering treasure, but we can not see the image when the video line is sent to the server, so the problem is locked in the line BNC head and the line itself.

Point one

According to the direction of exclusion, generally can not see the image for two reasons: the camera itself and wiring problems. . Now that the camera has been detected no problem, it is a fault on the line. The best way to tell if the BNC port is broken or the line itself is to redo the BNC port

Point two

There are four general cases: video line, power line, BNC head, camera, to one by one eliminate, test, use the replacement method ~ ~ first of all with the universal meter eliminate circuit problems, re-do BNC head, the new camera is being tested

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