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Coaxial Cable

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[Knowledge] How Do you test a BNC connector?
The BNC Connector is a type of Connector for coaxial cables. The full name is BayONet Nut Connector because of the widespread use of coaxial cables, bNC connectors are also widely used in communication systems. For example, the E1 interface in network devices is connected by coaxial cables with two
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[Knowledge] What are the differences between coaxial cable and fiber cable?
Coaxial line and optical fiber line are two kinds of transmission media widely used in modern communication field. They have their own unique advantages and characteristics.The transmission principleCoaxial line is a kind of transmission line covered by a conductor and a layer of insulating material
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[Knowledge] What is the difference between a multi-stranded cable and a single-stranded cable?
Let's first understand the single-strand and multi-strand lines. In home decoration, the so-called single-strand line refers to the BV line in most cases, that is, the commonly used BV2.5 level, 4.0 level, 6.0 level... If you use simple words Explain that the single-strand wire is composed of a th
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[Knowledge] The difference between soft wire and hard wire
Is it better to use soft wire or hard wire? This problem is not complicated, and please tell me slowly.The difference between soft wires and hard wires:A single conductor of solid metal with a diameter of 1 mm or more conductive, having a higher hardness than flexible wire.Hard wire is a single stra
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