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[Knowledge] Installation Steps And Use Method of Dome Type Splicing Closure
Dome type optical cable splice closure is a device used for optical cable connection, it can protect the connection point of optical fibre and provide good protection and sealing performance. In this article, we will introduce the installation steps and usage of dome type optical cable splice box in
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[Knowledge] How to select modular plug
In fact, not only crystal head, this thing, any product has such drawbacks. Some people make products purely for the purpose of making money, and some people do products are holding a high quality of life to enjoy the high quality. Generally speaking! The price is expensive and the product is of goo
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[Knowledge] How Do you test a BNC connector?
The BNC Connector is a type of Connector for coaxial cables. The full name is BayONet Nut Connector because of the widespread use of coaxial cables, bNC connectors are also widely used in communication systems. For example, the E1 interface in network devices is connected by coaxial cables with two
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[Knowledge] What is Pre-connected ODN?
1 IntroductionIn ODN, from the service aggregation point to the user is generally divided into backbone, distribution, introduction, home multiple segments. The construction of the introduction section of the traditional ODN cable involves a large number of fiber core splices. In the user installati
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[Knowledge] Can copper and aluminum wires be connected together?
Now with people's knowledge of copper, aluminum, two materials, gradually reached a consensus. From the economy, practicality, cost-effective and other perspectives, the open line generally use aluminum wire, dark line are using copper wire. So how should copper and aluminum wires be handled at the
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[Knowledge] What is the function of crimping pliers
The Internet has now become an indispensable part of our life and work, and in order to connect to the Internet, we need to use network cables. Speaking of network cables, I think everyone is familiar with them. Whether it is at home or at work, it can be said that network cables are everywhere. , b
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