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Do you Need 4k HDMI Cables?

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Today, the term "4K" is widely used, especially for television and HDMI cables with fiber optic connector adapters. Consumers often see packaging and marketing saying "support 4K" or "4K image quality". If you buy a new TV in a large electronics store, employees there may tell you to remember to include a 4K HDMI cable, just tell you that the cable costs $100. The correct answer to this question is: "no, thank you." Today, all modern standard HDMI cables support 4K, starting with the cost-effective $3 cable. Many ordinary stores will sell them at a higher price simply because most consumers don't know about them and will buy them even if the price is too high.


38-2-patch cord types



Most people know that 4K means that TV, monitor or other display devices will have clearer and better images.


Most 4K images use a resolution of 3840 x 2160, which means it is nearly 100 times clearer than the image above. As technology advances, it is possible to generate 4K images from computers, Blu ray players and video game machines, as well as TV and computer monitors that can interpret these images. Installation of fiber optic patch cable usually requires some professional knowledge and fiber accessories, such asattenuation in optical fiber and adapter fiber optic. And over time that technology became less expensive. It used to cost a lot of money to get a TV capable of supporting 4k. We’re talking several thousand dollars for a television. Nowadays, you could get one for a few hundred dollars. The only reason 4k TVs are not in every home yet is that plenty of older TVs are still running and have not needed replacing since 4k became widely available. We're going to spend thousands of dollars on TV. Today, you can buy one for a few hundred dollars. The only reason not every home uses 4K TVs is that many older TVs are still running and do not need to be replaced since 4K became widely available. HDMI line with FC adaptor is suitable for equipment with HDMI signal output interface. Compared with the traditional copper cable material, optical fiber not only reduces the volume and weight, but also achieves ultra long distance lossless transmission. Copper HDMI wire is too thick, short transmission distance and wide low frequency, which will be replaced by fiber patch cables HDMI AOC products.



Expensive 4K HDMI Cables

Let us start by reiterating: all modern HDMI cables support 4k. There have been multiple versions of HDMI over the years as improvements have been made to HDMI patch cord types technology. This means that even the most basic HDMI cables on the market today will support 4K signals. Some places sell basic HDMI cables for $50, 75 or more because they know people will buy them. Many consumers don't take the time to learn about HDMI before buying, so salespeople can increase the price.


Now, that is not to say all HDMI cables are the same. Conventional HDMI does have a distance limit of 65-feet and basic HDMI fiber patch cord usually cannot go to that maximum distance. Higher quality HDMI cables are often required to achieve lengths over 20 feet or so. Even the HDMI cable with the largest distance should not cost close to $100. There are also cables made of rugged jackets to prevent damage to the cables; cables made of special computer chips that exceed the normal 65 foot limit; and cables designed for other video formats such as DisplayPort or DVI. It is a kind of HDMI signal transmission line made of fiber optic patch cord, and its photoelectric conversion circuit is integrated at the interface. In the future, HDMI AOC will become the first fiber patch product to become a consumer product.

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