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Cable for Game Console

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Video games are one of the most popular products today. The video game industry makes more money every year than movies and music combined. Video game enthusiasts will keep the game consoles and games they used. With the influence of network technology and game remaking, some once classic games can also run on today's computer or game console. 


Modern TVs tend to have one HDMI port and no other. Some older TVs still have old RCA ports. When using a older TV, you can typically use a converter to get the game console hooked up. Today, most connections are made between different technologies. This article will tell you what the fiber optic patch cables of the game console are. Game consoles have become very lean in the past 20 years or so, and now the main game console manufacturers are Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Many other companies tried to enter the market 10 years ago, but over time, most failed. The following will describe the single mode fiber patch cables and sc to sc multimode fiber patch cable used by these game consoles.



PlayStation 4

Sony's PlayStation 4 is a digital-only (non-analog) game console. There are different versions of PS4: original, slim and pro. All three versions of the product are capable of transmitting pictures and sound to a TV via an HDMI cable. The original and pro versions can also use sc fiber patch cablefor audio. For power supply, the original version and slim version use non-polarized NEMA 1-15 sc fiber patch cord. The pro version of the product uses a universal power cord. The game console also includes two USB ports for charging the wireless controller with a USB micro cable. The PS4 is designed for wireless Internet, but Ethernet lc to sc multimode fiber cables or armoured patch cord can also be used. 


86-1-fiber optic patch cable


Xbox One

Microsoft's Xbox One also comes in several different versions: standard, S and X. All three versions use HDMI cables for audio and video transmission, and can also use armored fiber optic patch cable for audio. For power, the standard version of the Xbox One game console uses a unique power supply. The standard NEMA 1-15 cord is used for S version and X version products. The controller of the game console can be charged through a micro USB cable. There are also hardline ports, so sfp fiber patch cable or lc to sc apc patch cord can be used on the console's built-in Wi-Fi connection.



Nintendo Switch

Among these game consoles, the Nintendo Switch, a portable game console with built-in screens, has just been launched recently. Nintendo Switch replaces Nintendo's old handheld game console, Nintendo 3DS. At the same time, it is also the next generation product of Wii U and can be connected to TV. By using the dock, the Nintendo Switch can connect to the TV through the HDMI port. The dock of Nintendo Switch is powered by USB-C connector, which can also charge Nintendo Switch itself. The controller of Nintendo Switch can be charged via USB-C cable. Unlike the other two console controllers, most of the Nintendo Switch's connection ports are on its dock, not on the console itself. 

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