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Application Scenarios for Oversized Fiber Optic Cables

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Increasing the number of optical fiber cores is the most efficient way to increase the transmission capacity of fiber optic cable lines. However, it will also bring a series of problems such as fiber diameter is too thick, fiber can not be identified, repair difficulties and so on. This article will summarize the various dimensions for reference.

1. Old line capacity expansion

Old communication lines are upgraded and expanded with limited pipeline resources. From the construction cost savings and practical needs, we hope to lay as many fiber optic cores as possible. In the absence of branches, a large-core fiber optic cable is obviously more efficient than multiple small-core fiber optic cables on the utilization of pipeline resources. More fiber optic cores for the future development of the network also leaves more room for play.

2. Overhead line improvement

Chaotic and complex overhead lines can be seen in various cities around the world, which are difficult to manage and maintain. A large number of small-core fiber optic cables, if unified with one or several large-core fiber optic cables instead of overhead lines will appear clean, the cityscape has been improved, but also to facilitate line maintenance and management. The key point is the need to deal with line branching.

3. Data center system

Fiber-optic connection in the data center requires a large number of fiber optic cables; and with the gradual expansion of the scale of the data center, a single building has been unable to meet the needs of large-scale data centers. Ultra-large data centers often include multiple buildings, campus network environment requires cabling infrastructure, including high-core pre-link fiber optic cables or ordinary fiber optic cables as the backbone. These backbone cable core count requirements sometimes exceed 864, up to 1728 or 3456 fibers. Large or very large core count fiber optic cables can greatly reduce the installation and fusion splicing time, providing a better return on investment to help data centers directly and quickly connected to the cloud computing vendor's network.

4. Intelligent Building System

Modern intelligent building information interaction is very frequent, the demand for communication is getting higher and higher, requiring more fiber access and channel to be equipped. In the trunk system using large-core fiber optic cable, construction will be more convenient, management and maintenance efficiency will be higher.

5. The core layer of the transmission network and access to the backbone layer

Core layer cable carries various layers of networking and business scheduling, fiber core demand. Such as a city core layer cable unilateral routing has been laid 1 288-core and 2 144-core, fiber core utilization rate of 65%. Planning for the new 288-core fiber optic cable. Access to the backbone cable carrying 4/5G pre-transmission and home collector business, fiber core demand. 576-core splitter points, laying 144-core fiber optic cables; 1152-core splitter points, laying 288-core fiber optic cables. The planning of new fiber optic cable is 144 cores or 288 cores.

6. Communication links between island cities

The demand for information interaction within modern cities is obviously sky-high, and the demand for optical fiber is enormous. For the city formed by the combination of islands, the communication line between each island is very critical. Conventional submarine cable or water cable is obviously difficult to meet the demand, large-core or even large-core submarine fiber optic cable or water cable is undoubtedly the best choice.

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