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[Knowledge] Application Scenarios for Oversized Fiber Optic Cables
Increasing the number of optical fiber cores is the most efficient way to increase the transmission capacity of fiber optic cable lines. However, it will also bring a series of problems such as fiber diameter is too thick, fiber can not be identified, repair difficulties and so on. This article will
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[Knowledge] The importance of earth wire
Earth wire, also known as lightning conductor, is used to lead the current into the earth wire; electrical leakage, the current into the earth through the earth wire. The symbol for earth wire is E (Earth) ; can be divided into power supply earth wire, circuit earth wire two. According to the curren
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[Knowledge] How To Effectively Extend The Network Cable Transmission Distance?
1. Increase the switchThe longest transmission distance of category 5 and category 6 network cable is 100 meters, if you want to increase the transmission distance, you can install relay equipment such as switches between the two twisted-pair cables, theoretically up to 4 switches can be installed.
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[Knowledge] What Are The Common Reasons Affecting The Quality of Home Broadband Services in Broadband Fiber Access Networks?
The impact of broadband fiber access networks on the quality of home broadband services is often related to ODN fiber link interruptions, ONU weak light, GPON access to Gigabit subscribers, OLT uplink bandwidth limitations, and OLT reloading.1 ODN fiber link interruptionFrom the viewpoint of the cau
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[Knowledge] Connection Problem with Router and Optical Cat
Can't get online with the router, but can get online with a direct connection to the optical cat?When using the router, it can't access the Internet, but it can access the Internet when we connect computer directly to the optical cat without the router. What is going on? And how to deal with it?Firs
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[Knowledge] Advantages of Using Patch Panel
1、From the design point of view Comprehensive wiring has a point requirement if you have noticed, that is, the information point requires data, voice points can be interchanged when necessary
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