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[Knowledge] What Is Plastic Optical Fiber? What Scenarios Can Communication Plastic Optical Fiber Be Used for?
1 IntroductionCommunication plastic optical fiber (hereinafter referred to as plastic optical fiber) development of the beginning of almost the same as the glass optical fiber, both from the 1960s. But from the 197x era, the development of glass optical fiber is like hanging, while the plastic optic
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[Knowledge] Application Scenarios for Oversized Fiber Optic Cables
Increasing the number of optical fiber cores is the most efficient way to increase the transmission capacity of fiber optic cable lines. However, it will also bring a series of problems such as fiber diameter is too thick, fiber can not be identified, repair difficulties and so on. This article will
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[Knowledge] What Is The Difference between Communication Cement Pole And Anticorrosive Wood Pole in Use?
1 IntroductionBefore 1980s, preserved wood poles (hereinafter referred to as "wood poles") were mostly used in communication lines. At that time, wooden poles were often called tarred poles because the preservation of wooden poles was treated with tar at post offices or long-distance service station
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[Knowledge] Fiber Optic Cable Single Disk Testing And Fiber Optic Cable Line Testing Need To Use Double Window?
Fiber optic cable lines and broadband access projects usually involve fiber optic cable single disk testing and fiber optic cable line testing, fiber optic cable line testing includes: relay section testing, user cable testing and so on. These test entries, some only need to use the test instrument
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[Knowledge] What Is The Difference between Indoor/outdoor Fiber Optic Cable?
What is the difference between indoor fiber optic cable, outdoor fiber optic cable, and indoor/outdoor fiber optic cable? Can outdoor fiber optic cables be used indoors?According to the usage scenario, there are Several categories of fiber optic cables, what is the difference between these categorie
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[Knowledge] 5 stages of communication development
How did today's so-developed mobile communication invent and spread rapidly? In response to this question, the reporter recently got the answer from the Municipal Radio Administration. According to reports, the development of modern mobile communications began in the 1920s and has gone through five
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