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[Knowledge] Application Scenarios for Oversized Fiber Optic Cables
Increasing the number of optical fiber cores is the most efficient way to increase the transmission capacity of fiber optic cable lines. However, it will also bring a series of problems such as fiber diameter is too thick, fiber can not be identified, repair difficulties and so on. This article will
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[Knowledge] What Is Plastic Optical Fiber? What Scenarios Can Communication Plastic Optical Fiber Be Used for?
1 IntroductionCommunication plastic optical fiber (hereinafter referred to as plastic optical fiber) development of the beginning of almost the same as the glass optical fiber, both from the 1960s. But from the 197x era, the development of glass optical fiber is like hanging, while the plastic optic
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[Knowledge] The Difference between Switches And Routers
1, the difference between switches and routers?From the application:Switch and router in the use of the biggest difference is no more than the router can be achieved within the dial-up Internet, and then through the sharing of multiple computers at the same time to access the Internet, while the swi
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[Knowledge] Hollow-core Fiber
In order to break through the limitations of traditional solid-core quartz optical fibres, researchers have been persistent in their research and exploration. During the research process, Hollow Core Fibre (HCF), which has an air core, came into being. The structure of the hollow core fiber is relat
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[Knowledge] What Scenarios are ODN Unequal Scores Applicable to?
1 unequal score optical adaptation scenario analysisTraditional unequal score optical ODN introduction of fiber optic lines usually use a tree network structure, each splitter box is equivalent to the "leaves", generally assigned 2 cores (a master and a standby), the structure can be adapted to a va
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[Knowledge] Construction Steps and Precautions for Fiber Optic Cable
1. The steps of fiber optic construction Fiber optic is composed of extremely pure quartz glass, laying and construction should consider the same matters as the cable project. However, fiber optic resistance to tension, torsion, bending, lateral pressure resistance, poor performance, easy to break,
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[Knowledge] What is the bundle pigtail ?
Bundled pigtails, also known as pigtail bundles, multi-core connectors, only have a connector at one end, and a broken end of an optical fiber at the other end, which is connected to other optical fiber cores by fusion splicing, and often appears in the optical fiber terminal box. Used to connect op
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