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How to select modular plug

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In the integrated cabling, the network cable is an important product in the transmission link, common have 6 kinds, Super 6 kinds, 7 kinds, 8 kinds and so on, and corresponding modular plug also has 6 kinds, Super 6 kinds, 7 kinds, 8 kinds. Even if the network cable is chosen to be gigabit or even gigabit, if the modular plug is mismatched, electromagnetic interference will result in network speed Cottonwood, or even the entire line will be paralyzed. Therefore, the choice of modular plug is also very important, then how to choose?


In fact, not only modular plug, this thing, any product has such drawbacks. Some people make products purely for the purpose of making money, and some people do products are holding a high quality of life to enjoy the high quality. Generally speaking! The price is expensive and the product is of good quality. Of course, this is not absolute, there are manufacturers of conscience. The modular plug mainly has the following several aspects characteristic may carry on the judgment: in the domestic RJ45 network modular plug mainly has the super five kinds of modular plug, the six kinds of non-shielding modular plug, but seven kinds of modular plug basically does not exist in our country. The seven types of modular plug you mentioned should refer to the shielding modular plug, that is, the domestic six types of shielding and ultra-six types of shielding. Look: modular plug look at the shell rubber, common is the use of PC rubber, good quality rubber, the shell is to show a clear and transparent appearance. The next step is to see if the insert is a trident, and the trident contact is yellow and the side is silvery white. This is the result of gold and nickel plating. If you have these modular plug, you will be fine. Copper insert material, the naked eye can not see, so ask the manufacturer to ask clearly, whether it is bronze/phosphor copper. Pure copper and oxygen-free copper are definitely out of the question. Listen: break off the shrapnel on the modular plug a little. If the sound you hear is very clear, it shouldn't be a problem. There is a crystal head can be grabbed, and then let go to listen to the sound of collision with each other, is also very clear. 

3. Break: break the shrapnel on the modular plug. If you can break the shrapnel 180 degrees continuously for 15 times or more without breaking, then the quality of the modular plug is also very good. 4. Hit: when hitting the modular plug, the kickback on the modular plug is very critical, because it can achieve the function of a secondary fixed cable, if also add modular plug, the kickback broke, or can not be defined to hold the cable, then this modular plug is not qualified. The Super Five types of modular plug on the net hole is a row of the shape, six types of modular plug is divided into two rows. This is because of the different requirements of different bandwidth processes. Of course, there are some through-hole, through-hole is not recommended to use, because through-hole crystal head easy to cause oxidation, affecting the insert performance. Some non-shielded modular plug are two-piece and three-piece, depending on personal preference at this point. Of course, for the shield crystal head must be a two-piece, because the shield crystal head tail is no stop kickback, so need a small accessories to fix the line sequence, in order to complete the connection of the modular plug.

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