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What are the advantages of the toolless network module

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How can the network module still have free play and non-free play? How Do I choose? Why is the free-to-play network module more popular than the cable module? Dare to ask small make-up is no doubt the general wiring of the small white! In the spirit of Inman's service, please send Lin Bai into the pit! If the introduction is wrong, please leave a comment. First of all, we need to know the role of the network module. The network module is applied to the network panel or the network wiring rack. Secondly, we have to distinguish between cable network module and play-free network module is what it looks like. Figure below: Wiring Module avoid playing the network module as follows: clear the most basic, and then we can get to the theme. We take Inman's module as an example.


(1) the wiring module wiring more trouble wiring network module needs to use the wiring knife, if used improperly, this module may be invalid. Also pay special attention to the line management, according to T568A/T568B line management. A wire sequence error will lead to transmission failure, rework trouble. Free Network module, quick and convenient operation, no need to use wire clamp crimping, as long as carefully button on the line sequence, generally there will be no problem, even if the Free Module Wrong Line, you can remove re-wiring.

(2) the advantage of no-hit Network Module no-hit network module has other advantages besides convenient wiring mode. Inman's hit-free networking module, for example, has a PCB that reduces EMI RFI interference, resulting in lower signal attenuation and higher return loss. The use of high-strength stringing posts, with phosphorus bronze puncture-type caliper, easily into the core and closely fit, up to 300 times stringing, contact and stable continuous network.

(3) similar price level in the current market, wiring module and play-free module update speed is very fast, the same price, play-free module can also do shielding function, but the wiring module can not. Compare the price can be seen, play-free module advantage is still quite high, but the real time to buy, or to see their needs and decide.

In general, the emergence of new things will impact the old things, replacement is a very common thing, network wiring products with the network transmission requirements, but also in a step-by-step update.With the increasing demand of network transmission rate, the Super 5 Class 6 Class 6 Class 7 class play wire or play-free network module has been widely used.

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