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Is It Better To Use Splitter Or TAP for The Signals Coming Out of The Weak Current?

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First you learn the difference between a splitter and an allocator, then you know which one to use.


In CATV system, both the splitter and the TAP are used to distribute signals. The difference between a branch and a distributor is that no matter how many branches there are, there is one main output (OUT) , several branches (TAP) or (BR) , three branches is three branches, four branches is four branches, and so on; The signal attenuation (i. e. insertion loss) of the main output (OUT) of the branch is very small, usually only about 1 db. The attenuation of TAP or BR varies according to the actual model. For example, the three branches of Huazhengda TU3-10MH-10DB, line input signal is 100dB, the main output signal is about 100-1 = 99DB, the other three branches of the output signal is 100-10 = 90db. The branch attenuation can be configured according to actual requirements, generally ranging from 8 DB to 30 db. Due to the small attenuation of the OUT port of the branch, typically, multiple branches are used IN tandem (IN, (TAP) or (BR) from one branch to the next directly to the room TV junction box) for signal allocation across multiple terminals on the same mainline. The allocator is one IN, multiple OUT, and its role is to balance the signal distribution to each output. The attenuation is roughly 2 db for an extra port, 4 db for a two-allocator, 6 db for a three-allocator, 8 db for a four-allocator, 10 db for a six-allocator, 12 db for an eight-allocator, 15 db for a 10-allocator, 17 db for a 12-allocator, and 20 db for a 16-allocator, if the incoming signal of the three splitters is 100dB, then the signal of the three outputs (OUT) is 100-6 = 94DB (so the splitters are called balanced distribution signals) .

In the practical application, it is used for the occasion that need the signal balance distribution and the floor trunk line distribution signal, if a family user has four TV sets, then only need to install a four distribution at the incoming line position, such as a hotel hotel a total of 6 floors, the front-end room is installed in the line position can be a six distributor.

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