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How many cores does the home embedded fiber use? Single mode or multiple mode?

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In some ways, it was not easy for many people to work hard for the majority of their lives to have a house with their own living environment. Therefore, many people would often invest considerable time, energy, and cost in renovations. Among them, network planning, all hope to do a little better, which in the past handled the network home decoration process, I can also very much understand some owners in this aspect of the mood, moreover, now with the development of the Internet Information Technology, also more and more fast, many people rely on the network and demand, also more and more.


(1) you are advised to use Class 6 or Super Class 6 cable. Given the increased bandwidth and standards for various types of POE terminals, such as wireless AP or webcams, many are starting to adopt the 802.3 at standard, it is better than 802.3af power supply, and the Upper Super 6 class line is better. I do not recommend Super 5 class lines, at least 6 class lines.

(2) if you really want to use fiber optics in the future, you don't have to use Class 7 cables for two reasons. First, in 2016, the IEEE has just approved a new Ethernet standard called 802.3 bz, which will increase the speed of the network to 2.5 Gbps and 5Gbps over existing CAT 5E/6 cables, it's up to five times the current standard (as far as I know, Netgear already has one) , and it's basically good enough for you for the next five years or so, when new technology comes along, or it is not too late to change the fibre again. On the 2nd Aspect, you go on 7 kind of network line, basically also is for the future ten thousand local area network, if say you later use copper cable network line, need not consider optical fiber, on 7 kind of lines, more or less still have some meaning. But if according to what you say, you also intend to later on optical fiber, this is not significant, optical fiber as long as the match is good, gigabit is not a problem. Moreover, if you are using Class 7 cable, you need to lay 6 tubes, while Class 6 cable or Super Class 6 cable, including future fiber threading, laying 4 tubes is enough, but also to take into account the construction difficulty and budget costs. You weigh the two, and I'll say no more. 

(3) whether you plan to use copper cable or fiber optic cable in the future, such as wireless AP, network monitoring and other network terminal equipment powered by Poe, or use copper cable network cable, for the present or the foreseeable future technology, Poe power supply through the network cable, not only convenient and simple, but also reduce the construction difficulty, is more mature technology, especially wireless AP, try to use good quality of the network cable. 

(4) if you install network cable in your home, don't do anything to block it. If it's not done well, it will only be a thankless task. Even some professional wiring companies will sometimes have a headache. Besides, you are a home installer, and it is not a place that needs to be kept secret, and, according to you, you want to go on the fiber optic later, then don't do that.

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