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What is CAT6A Patch Cord

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With the strong investment of the government, the construction of smart city has maintained a sustained and rapid development, which has brought huge business opportunities and broad market space for the security industry. In addition, smart city is a very complex information system, especially now that it has entered the era of big data, all walks of life are integrated with each other. In this context, people need better network to support the development of smart city. Therefore, more and more high-performance network hardware appears in our life.


61-2-fiber patch cord

CAT6A patch cord in network wiring is the connecting line connecting two equipment demand points. In building the network, we not only need a variety of sc duplex adapter, corning fiber termination box, single mode attenuator, etc., but also need CAT6A patch cord. For example, CAT6A patch cords can be used to connect switches.


The function of CAT6A network patch cord is different from sc apc to sc upc adapter and outdoor termination box. The sc simplex adapter is used to convert photoelectric signals, while the 4 port fiber termination box can be used to fix the optical fiber. CAT6A network patch cord is a small switch to control the current of circuit board. Its function is to adjust the on-off relationship of different electrical signals on the equipment, as well as the working state of the equipment, such as determining the main board voltage and the master-slave relationship of the driver. CAT6A network patch cord is basically composed of two parts. One part is fixed on the main board, hard disk and other equipment, and is composed of two or more metal CAT6A network patch cords. The other part is the CAT6A patch cord, which is a movable part.


The outer layer of CAT6A patch cord is made of insulating plastic and the inner layer is made of conductive material. It can be plugged into the CAT6A patch cord interface to connect two CAT6A patch cord interfaces. When the CAT6A patch cord is connected to two CAT6A patch cord interfaces, it is in the on state, and the current can flow through the line. In addition, when the CAT6A patch cord is not connected to the interface, it means that it is disconnected.


For CAT6A patch cord, there is an important performance index, that is, its bending performance. UTP twisted pair is generally solid core wire, and its manageability is very poor. This is because the UTP twisted pair has high hardness and is not easy to bend. Moreover, after UTP twisted pair is bent, the return loss of current flowing through it will increase, which will reduce the performance of the cable. Therefore, for solid cable, its bending radius has a clear requirement.


CAT6A patch cord is a flexible cable. It is more manageable than solid cable. The return loss of CAT6A patch cord is very small when it is bent, which makes it very convenient to install. Therefore, when building a network, people usually use high-quality sc adapter with shutter, fixed optical attenuator, otb optical termination box and flexible cable. 

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