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The enterprise uses the foreign trade social media marketing promotion well, the effect lets you not expect!

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With many traditional foreign trade enterprises have gone online, the internet competition is increasingly difficult. Foreign Trade Enterprises want to take the road on the line, then can not do without network marketing. But now the social media marketing promotion, is the foreign trade marketing a sharp weapon, used well can give you the enterprise to come to super benefits. In particular, do foreign trade B2C industry, but also foreign trade social media has personal experience, why small and medium-sized foreign trade retail enterprises more and more like this channel of foreign trade social media? We know that social media includes forums, Twitter, blog, Facebook, Flickr and Video. These are basically free, which is a good way for foreign trade retailers with limited funds to reduce the cost of foreign trade promotion. Moreover, using foreign trade social media is no worse than other marketing methods, if you want to do a good job of foreign trade social media marketing, it can also have an unusual impact on overseas customers, brand building and expansion of overseas markets are very beneficial.


The following specific: 1, the characteristics of foreign trade social media marketing 1, foreign trade social media marketing viral spread. Foreign trade social media marketing mainly uses viral marketing means, through content content interesting video, soft text to attract attention, so that overseas users are willing to forward click, to maximize publicity and promotion effect. 2, foreign trade social media marketing communication. Get fans of the product through multiple channels or promote it in multiple ways, such as Twitter and Facebook. 3. The uncertainty of the marketing result of foreign trade social media marketing. Because this kind of marketing method is between the enterprise and the user, the user and the enterprise exists between the communication, but is not all by the enterprise control. If the design of foreign trade social media marketing layout is not reasonable, it is likely to have a counter-effect, so foreign trade social media marketing must be full participation and respect for users. Second, foreign trade social media marketing small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises product brand influence is insufficient, or it is difficult to establish their own brand. With the help of the promotion of foreign trade social media will be easier to teach, because the basis of foreign trade social media is more equal, so the start on the internet and large foreign trade companies is equal, redoubled efforts can make a certain effect. 3, can be familiar with the use of some foreign trade tools, personal foreign trade, time and energy are very limited, in order to do well, you must master some foreign trade tools, improve work efficiency, improve the quality of customer development. The following tools are practical and must be mastered: 1. Tu Ling Soo Click on Google GG Map Search, you can directly collect phone, email, and Whatsapp assistant collection number has a location of relevant cities, enter product keywords, the exploitable customer information comes out. Not only can you search for customer information, but you can also mine the email address of the CEO purchasing manager and view the actual picture of the customer company, for the development of customer help is very big Oh Tu Ling search three main development methods, email marketing, Linkedin Marketing, WhatsApp marketing email marketing: search you want to search for customer information, direct batch deep mining decision-makers email, export you want to mail development letters, you can choose to send group can also send their own linkedin Marketing: automatically add friends, according to your request to add friends, whatsapp Marketing: Google Maps collection calls, six social media collection calls, account verification, group messaging, search groups, extract group accounts. 2. Click 1. Find your buyer quickly 2. Master Buyer's purchasing habits 3. Increase the loyalty of existing buyers by tracking and analyzing the transaction records of existing customers. 4. Through the customer transaction records and competitors comparative analysis and so on customs data collocation easy to check, customs data can help you find the accurate customers who have purchased your same products, can be called accurate customers, after using Turing search and easy search to dig out email boxes, it would be the best way to develop the customs data. There would be no contact information for the source data. Many customs data companies seemed to have contact information, in fact, the late add their own, you encounter the general also has the United States data contact, the United States data is easy to find via linkedin email, contact. In fact, the vast majority are no contact, OH, development overseas, to send mail-based, direct easy-to-check mining mailbox, send mail

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